Sunday, November 28, 2010

Decorating for the Holidays

 After a several busy days cooking and shopping it's time to finish the decorating for Christmas. I must admit we did get the tree up and the outside finished before Thanksgiving. Now it is time to try and complete the process. This is such a busy time of year, and everyday holds a purpose. Seems as if I am always running a few days behind schedule and a quart low on energy.

 I am working on a few things for the tree,trying to use the supplies I already have. Each year it's fun to come up with a totally different look for one of our trees. I was looking for an idea that would be quick and easy. The one thing,besides money I'm always short on this time of year,is time.
So I took some soft rope, a little larger than twine and began looking through my stash of fabric remnants. Once I decided on a fabric I tore strips about 1" wide and 3" to 4"long. I then simply tied the torn pieces of red bandanna fabric to the rope,leaving a few inches in between each one. I made it rather long so it could wrap around the whole tree.The red bandanna fabric gives it a very simple rustic look.
But I also think a glitzier fabric would be great too. Maybe even a collection of kids mittens tied to a rope. Now we have a reason to save all of those miss matched mittens our kids end up with each year. Either way the possibilities are endless!


  1. The rope and torn fabric idea for the tree is very clever and very cute on the tree!

  2. LOVE the garland...and your grandsons are TOO adorable! Beautiful new kitchen, too - looks like a lot to be thankful for...

  3. I finally found you!! Yeaaa!! Super cute pics!

  4. You're always full of ideas!
    I only have a very small Christmas tree (only 20 inch!!), i put all the things together and all i need to do every year is to take it out from the box and plug for lighting. No time is my excuse and lazy is the reason, haha.

  5. I think the rope with the bandannas is a great idea. I love that rustic look too.