Sunday, November 7, 2010

Floyd Central Theater does it again

Another wonderful evening spent with family at our local high school theater. Amy decided at the last minute to invited a friend of Patrick's to join us. What a fun treat that was. I so enjoy the company of my teenager grandson,add in a few of his friends and now you've got entertainment.
Derek and Patrick are class mates in Mr Bundy's drama class. They may be in other classes together as well, I'm not sure. But what fun they are together, Tweedledee Dee and Tweedledum Mr. Bundy called them when we laughed and spoke after the play. As Mr. Bundy put it " I never know what will come out of theirs mouths in class". They certainly keep him laughing.
Now back to the main subject, I tend to wonder off especially about my grand kiddos. The play we saw was the very funny The Drowsy Chaperone. It was wonderfully funny and so much fun. These kids, sometimes it is hard to remember that they are only high school children, hit the speech and tone of 1928. Most of these kids have probably never seen a movie from the 1930's. That time period had a certain type of speech and mannerism that was so very evident in this play.
If you are not familiar with the vast talent in our area high schools, check out the documentary entitled Guys 'N Divas battle of the high school musicals. Director Barry W. Blaustein ( a former writer for Saturday Night Live) produced and directed it. Showtime then aired it on August 27 2009. It highlighted the lives of each schools theater program. I must admit I am not very familiar with the program at New Albany H.S. and even less at the third school, Jeffersonville H.S. So I can't say if the documentary accurately portrayed each student or teacher fairly. I did enjoy watching it when it aired but fear that it may have been edited in such a way to make it more entertaining. Either way it was a wonderful opportunity for these dynamic theater programs to be seen by a wider audience.
Floyd Central and New Albany have both put on performances that could rival Broadway. Both schools have won many national awards allowing these schools to take their talents on the road. For many years our much loved Floyd Central H.S. has been able to perform in such places as Nebraska and Scotland.
What better way to spend 15.00 for an evening of entertainment than your local high school theater.
Support your local arts!


  1. It was amazing!! I'm still debating on seeing it one more time.

  2. Crazy coincidence, my dad taught in the New Albany/Floyd County School system a million years ago. One of my first introductions to the theatre were at New Albany High School and Floyd Central. I fell in love with King Arthur in Camelot at New Albany High School when I was about 10. I think he was the theatre teacher's son. The first play my daughter ever attended was Peter Pan at Floyd Central. Peter actually flew out above the audience. Not only does my daughter, who at the time had just turned 5, remember Peter flying into the audience she can tell you what she was wearing. She is soon to be 31 so her theatre experience made a huge impact on her. What an amazing theatre program New Albany has.

  3. Sorry, I should have said New Albany/Floyd County School System has a wonderful theatre curriculum and performers. So many great plays at both New Albany High School and Floyd Central High School. I'm old enough that when I first began attending high school plays in New Albany Floyd Central didn't even exist. Good Lord, I'm old!