Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Lovely Award and Seven Things About Me

What a surprise to be given the Stylish Blogger Award!It was given to me from a great blog friend Tanya from an equally great blog called  beadandneedle. So very nice to be thought of and to have someone give this to me,thank you again Tanya. With this award each recipient is asked to tell seven things about themselves and then pass this on to ten blogs that they feel are deserving of this award.

So on with the hard part seven things about me,well I'd rather tell you about my grand kids but here goes.

1. I have a magazine addiction. It is very difficult for me to discard them. I nearly cried when Mary Engelbrites magazine called Home Companion went out of print. Thankfully I hung on to quite a few.

2. I have Adult Attention Disorder.So I multi task constantly. Which explains why I never read one book beginning to end.I read many books at the same time. A person with this disorder has a zillion thoughts going on in their head constantly. That's why before I can ever complete something I will have noticed....oh look a chicken! That's our family joke about me and I actually said that once. My grand kids nearly fell over. Oh and before my mind wanders on,I'm on the same medication as my 8yr old grandson.

 3. I watch a lot of movies but I must admit I am G and PG rated. I can't wait scary,bloody movies.Give me an action comedy or even better a romantic action comedy, and I am there. Some of my favorites are : Night in a Museum,Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them),all three Mummy movies,Avatar,and all of the Harry Potter movies....well you get the idea.

4.I love my job. I work with my sons so what's not to like.Take a look at our many crazy commercials.We love making them,and from what we hear people in our area love seeing them too. Willz Construction is the name of the company my son owns and I work for.

5.Italian food makes me weak at the knees,I could eat it day and night.

6.Birds are my thing so to speak,all feathered animals. Owls and hawks especially fascinate me.I still hope someday to see an owl in the wild. I can sit for hours and watch our many bird feeders,and have!

7.I have become a fanatic about the dangers of fabric softener and softner sheets among other similar chemicals ,that I believe are very harmful. My 15 yr. old grandson tells a funny story about if I was a detective who was investigating a murder. He believes I would look around and not see the weapons or any of the other obvious signs of how the murder happened. No, I would turn to the other investigators and say" I know exactly what killed these people, fabric softener". Well I guess I believe strongly enough that it would have got them eventually anyway!

Now for an even harder part,naming only 10 blogs that I feel deserve this award. I will list them in no particular order. Some of the ones I have chosen are fairly new blogs,and some are well established and have a large following. Several may never even know that they have been chosen. I am hoping by naming them you will visit these great bloggers and see why I call them my favorites.
The rules to this award are : Receive the award; Say thank you; Grab the button up above; Reveal 7 things about yourself; Then pass it on to 10 of your favorite and stylish bloggers.

                                           Nikki from whimsy-girl
                                           Maya from mayamade
                                           My Daughter in Law from Rachelwillowzdesigns
                                           Kai from celebrating christmas year round
                                           Katerina from Culinary Flavors
                                           Milka from Milkasue
                                           Linda from Naturalsuburbia
                                           Rosina from Rosy-Posey
                                           Theanne from Theanne and Baron Starting Over
                                           Jessica from Zakkalife
I hope you can take some time and visit these great bloggers. Many have become friends that I look forward to visiting as often as possible.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crafty, Creative Friday,& Show and Tell Saturday

This is absolutely not my favorite time of year. No, not time. I have been crazy busy at work gathering tax information for our accountants so there hasn't been much time for creative fun. When I have had a spare moment I have been working on my grandson's birthday party hat.He didn't want a crown,he wanted a pirate hat. No bling bling he told me, he knows how I love sparkles,glitter and jewels. I hope to show you all his Pirate themed birthday party the first of next week. He is so very excited and can barely wait so it should be fun.

Boy do I need to get my roots done!

 I did finally finish one item I have been working on ,my thought bubble hat to use in photos. Last year I bought a roll of black oil cloth whichs acts like a chalk board. I found it at my favorite little web store called bellocchio .The shop is located in San Francisco and has some of the most unusual items I couldn't possibly list them all.

I highly recommend the raspberry box for a great gift container. I bought it last year for my mother in law who now lives in an assisted living facility. It was so beautiful with raspberry candies inside.

I have to say I had a lot of fun with this black oil cloth. There are so many things you can do with it.One idea comes to mind, kids placemats. The material isn't stiff or thick.So any shape can be cut out. It's such a smooth surface so it's easy to write on with chalk and wipes off beautifully.

 It is so easy to work with you could quickly make a chalk board area in a child's room. You could simply staple or nail the oil cloth to the wall.Then frame the edges with some trim molding and you're done.So much faster than painting a wall with chalkboard paint. I have often wondered just how difficult repainting a chalkboard painted wall would be once the interest is gone. With this oil cloth once the kids out grow it, just pull it off, and patch a few tiny holes.
 Another idea would be labels for jars,baskets, boxes or even use for gift tags. If the contents in a jar or box are frequently changing than using chalk would work great. But for a gift tag I would use a white or silver marker. Then punch a small hole with a hole punch and tie it on your gift. I think it would look great on any wrapped present.....maybe even for a little pirate who's about to turn 8 years old.

 Easy Peasy as the kiddos say!

Friday, January 21, 2011

My first Etsy Treasury

All God's Creatures Great and Small. That's the title I gave my first Treasury on Etsy. I was a bit nervous putting it all together,so I decided to stick with things I love. I do love woodland creatures,especially foxes,so this grouping was an easy fit. Along the way I found so many wonderful artists. With Etsy available at our finger tips why shop anywhere else. I'm afraid they may have to start an Etsy addiction program soon, and I will be saying" Hi my names Rebecca and I am addicted to Etsy"!

Here are a few of the wondeful artists I found today. The first is an Etsy store called poordogfarm featuring an adorable basset hound art print for an unbelievable price.

The second one, is a fox art print from a shop called nativevermont . Her art seems to really speak to me,maybe I just speak fox since I'm so drawn to them.

The third is a hysterical picture from a shop called bugunderglass of a beetle riding a bike. I 'm pretty sure it's a real beetle. I am terrified of bugs of any sort so why do I love art of these scary little fellas.

The fourth item is from a shop called liven of a darling pony tail hair clip,of a pony!With all the horse lovers out there I thought this would appeal to many. Here we have the Kentucky Derby just down the road so maybe instead of a hat this year why not a hair clip.Oh come to think of it, a hair clip with jockey colors would be just super in my neck of the woods.
There is so much talent out there, and the imagination of some of these artists boggles my mind.

So remember the next time you need a gift, shop Etsy....and support a cottage industry person, a real life small business.

Unfinished Projects

I have disappointed myself this week. I have so many unfinished projects and some near finished but not yet photographed. I lost a whole weekend working a trade show for my son's construction company. Then it took me several days to recover and be able to even think creative. Getting old sneaks up on you. Suddenly one day your simply too pooped to pop,and what can pop,also snaps and crackles.
So all I can show this week is an unfinished new Campfire Pit for my Etsy shop. I have added a couple of River birch logs to my new set. I need to finish the sticks with the removable marshmallows, and I think I'm going to add a yummy smore's,and a few other campfire foods to the set for a limited time.
Nearly completed.

The very first Campfire I designed.
I just think in this age of TV and video games that kids need more toys that make them use their imagination. I wonder sometimes if they will lose their ability to be creative. Having said this I must confess that my husband and I have fallen prey to the video game monster as well. We did spurge and buy an Xbox game system and a kinect. Strictly for medicinal purposes only. To get our lazy behinds up and moving.Yes you can find us many a night competing in bowling,table tennis and boxing.

I do hate to brag, but while I am not sportsy in any sense of the word, I remain undefeated in table tennis, and boxing(between my husband and myself). Sadly, I must admit my 15yr old grandson just recently beat me senseless in table tennis. If you haven't tried this game system yet you are missing out on something that young or old can enjoy together.

So I will finish this post with some goofy photos of the ones who make me smile and laugh out loud daily. Hopefully I will have more projects completed soon. We are preparing for our grandson's 8 yr old birthday party,in a pirate, I have loads to do!

He is always making us laugh

So happy I was lucky enough to catch this face on camera

Batman was so tired from a long day of dress up

We were shoe shopping,this is what we turned around and saw

I think he's saying go faster!

Someone wasn't ready for family photo day!

We just weren't sure he liked driving the boat with his Uncle
I've included this post over at Fab Friends Friday at a great blog called For the Love of blogs Go check it out and visit all of their Fab Friends!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun Paper Toys

My grandchildren know that I have a passion for Alice in Wonderland, and especially the Mad Hatter,but they also know how I get a kick out of the Bad Girls of Disney movies. My office is getting more and more crowded with little trinkets from my kids who now feed my passion for these fun characters.

What's not to love about these bad guys and girls!

When we went to Walt Disney World a few years ago I noticed a trend developing.It seemed I had collected, with the help of my daughter in law, a large amount of Villain Disney pins. I mean after all they do add the pizazz to their movies. They give the good guys a reason to be good.

In addition to these little goodies I'm slowing becoming over run with another fun passion and that's paper toys. I first discovered these a few years ago and began folding and gluing and making them for my grandson's. They just didn't seem to share the same love for them as I do. So I would put them in my office once they grew bored. Here are a few from my office I discovered on one of my favorite blogs, called How about orange.

These Paper toys are so much fun they make me smile every day when I walk into my office. There are always fun things to discover at How About Orange,from printable calling cards, to how to make a gift bow from a magazine page,to printable gift boxes. The paper toys below are the design of Marshall Alexander from his web site There are even more to discover there than these little cuties.
 I have so much more to do right now with tax time just around the corner,but when I saw this new free printable calendar for my office I got excited. It's a Yeti calendar and is just too much fun. The Curiosity Group has launched a new calendar of the month and you can sign up to receive these each month. Just go to The Curiosity Group and download this fun calendar and sign up for the next eleven months to be sent to you by email. I can't wait to see next month's design.
Here is my latest discovery from the Disney family and the movie Tangled. She will be a great addition to my ever growing collection.

 If this isn't enough fun there is still another place to find free printable greeting cards,scrap booking papers,and paper toys. It's I have found so many photo frames, greeting cards,even recipe cards,and the best part is, it's all free! If I suddenly realize I've forgot a birthday card no problem,just click and print!
Another awesome place to find printable, ready to assemble paper treats is Canon Creative Park.
There you can find paper animals,toys,architecture,science related items,vehicles,and even bugs and plants.

Believe it or not this cathedral is from the architectural section. There are so many items to pick from it can be tough to narrow it down to which one. So there should never a boring snow day with all of these great web sites available at your finger tips.

Maybe I can find a small desk plant that will be impossible for me to kill in under a week.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Candle Cozy

        Always a good feeling when you finally finish a project. I recently agreed to donate a prize to a wonderful blog that I have enjoyed for quite some time,called Whimsy-girl.
She had asked her readers on her face book fan page if anyone would be interested in donating a prize to her monthly craft night. So I thought why not! After all the wonderful and creative ideas she has shared with her readers it seemed like a small thing to do.

Her Pipe Cleaner Tiaras,or as I call them Kings Crowns since I have boys. Several of our company parties I have sat with the children of our employees and made the girls pink and silver crowns,and black and gold kings crowns for the boys. We even got super creative and added beads and then hot glued jewels for an extra pizazz.

So I thought and thought and of course could not think of a single idea of what to make. Then it hit me maybe something for Valentines Day. I was in the middle of finishing my table runner for my coffee table when I decided to make a candle cozy.Sort of like a little rug or coaster for a candle.
The blurred edge is from trying to remove the date from the picture

A close up of the unfinished table runner

 So I decided to add some of my favorite items to the cozy, candy....or felt candy to be exact. After all what's Valentines Day without candy. This way it's low calorie and decorative. I plan to make others using other felt food,like cinnamon rolls with a cinnamon candle,or cookies and a cookies and cream candle. Well that may just be torture to those of us trying to diet, or trying to start to diet.

Photography sometimes boggles my mind,I still struggle with every shot.

Finished candle cozy

So it's off to the post office tomorrow.Thankfully the roads are now clear, and from the recent weather report it could be just a lull before the next snow storm. I sure hope whoever wins this prize enjoys it as much as I have enjoyed my visits to Whimsy-girl blog.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Yummy Gift For Me

 With all the running, cleaning,decorating,and now gathering tax info for work,I am just plain bone tired. So I mustarded up the energy to put away many of the wonderful gifts I received for Christmas. I tend to leave them in a bag for a while, it makes the holiday's last a little longer for me. When the hustle and bustle is over I can open my bag again and enjoy each item. I don't ever want to grow up,or old for that matter!
 I'm hoping now I will have some time to relax, and read,watch movies,and even enjoy a hot bath with some of the best soaps that I bought for myself. A nice winter snow storm would be awesome right now.An after Christmas, Merry Christmas to me,falalala!

Sunbasil Garden  soaps are so beautiful, and just such fun! A real feast for all the senses, to coin a phrase! I had been enjoying all of her photos on my face book page for some time and when the holidays approached I thought what a perfect stocking stuffer for everyone.

Creme Brulee GRANDE Soap

Lemon Squares Soap

Pomegranate Paradise Salt Bar Soap-BEST SELLER

Creamsicle Soap
 I have found a zillion more that I must have. I love all of the colors,so bright and vivid. I call myself a Crayola person. A big box of 64 has always been a treat to me and still is,and her color choices are so attractive.Eye candy for sure. Everyone has certain scents that they love,that brings back wonderful memories. Scents and colors can be relaxing and healing,science has shown us that. For me it's citrus. Second to citrus is peach and mango. Now add in my favorite dessert in the whole world,Custard pie and I am in heaven.

Well if you're like me and are trying to lose "the annual weight" and are avoiding yummy comfort foods,here's some delicious soaps that could hold you over.....until you cave and give up ( or maybe that's just me). Well lets see today is the 9th of January,yep I'm about ready to cave and eat a creme brulee,or an apple strudel. Now that's sad because I haven't really started dieting yet...ha ha.

Apple Strudel Bon Bon Soaps-Final Sets for 2010
Now seriously who wouldn't go crazy for a cupcake soap like this on Valentines day. It really could make bath time a lot easier for kids who always put up a fuss. Oh maybe I should tell her to make some Super Hero soaps ,or Lego's soaps that my little grand kiddo's would go crazy over.
Sweetheart Cupcake Soap -NEW

Water Ice soap
Well I think I may have found one the boys would love, bright blue Water Ice soap! She makes all of these look so real and yummy. I have had a blast with the ones I kept for myself....and I kept more than I had originally planned to.

Ice Princess Soap- ON CLEARANCE
Right now she is having a clearance sale in her Etsy shop. Follow the link and start checking out her products. You will be amazed at the choices she has. I know one of my favorite things to do is surf Etsy and especially Sunbasilgarden.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gift Wrapped Chocolate Kisses

With Valentines Day just peeking over the horizon I thought I would share a quick and easy craft. This such a sweet way to give a little treat to friends, just about anyone. Maybe even your bank teller or school teacher would enjoy one of these teeny, tiny, Hershey Kisses delivered to them on Valentines Day or any day.
I must apologize to whoever gave me this pattern and idea nearly 10 years ago. I have used it zillions of times.I lost my original pattern in our move two years ago and had to redraw it from memory.

First cut out the pattern. Then select the type of card stock you want to use. This is where you can decide,do you want to use it for a holiday,a birthday,or just to make someone smile.

I hope the above address will give you the exact pattern size

Draw the pattern on the back side of your chosen paper and cut it out. At this point you will need to fold up each side,making a nice crease with a bone folder or your finger nail.

Sometimes I use the black papers for the fellas,and of course there's glitter on the paper.
Then just place your little chocolate kiss inside and add glue to the tabs to close them up.

These make great party favors too. I wish now I had made some with a ribbon tied at he top to show you. They look really cute if you punch a tiny hole at the top and thread a ribbon through to close. I forgot to add the tiny piece of paper I usually add to the top like the Hershey Kisses have poking out. You can type of hand write a blessing or a funny saying for them to discover when they open it.

How cute would these be hanging on a Christmas tree,or used as an advent treat each year. So many ideas for these, just be creative.Let me know what you come up with.Email me any photos you might have if you try them for yourself. Think how many smiles you could give away with a whole bag of chocolate kisses and a few pieces of card stock. Certainly is an affordable gift idea. Let me know what you think.

How fun would this be if you could use a photo or a business card.....Hummm...I may have to try that!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pennies from Heaven

For many, many years I have diligently kept a dish for all of the coins I find on the ground. At the first of each year I remove all of the coins and tally up how much I've found. To me it's like pennies from heaven,and sometimes nickles,dimes and quarters dropped down from heaven too. I have seen a slight difference in this latest economy.....fewer coins,especially quarters.

 So this year I added it up and I discovered I have a whooping $1.59. I know, I know.... whatever will I do with all of this money. But it's not about that. It's about the thrill of the find. I can not walk by a coin on the ground and leave it. Well that's not totally true,I will if it's tails up. This all may sound goofy but there are rules to this science.
I just have an odd feeling about picking up a coin that is tails up. It's rather like defying the good luck balance of the whole system. I will however give it a good kick and see if it will flip over. If after two kicks it doesn't flip over I will have to walk away.Rules are rules!

9 cents already this may be a good year after all!
 It's all fair game if it's a nickle or higher is on the ground.I haven't given it much thought as to what the difference is. Maybe bad luck just won't stick to a higher denomination of coin. Oh who am I kidding,It would just be insane to not pick those up,and until just now I hadn't ever wondered if I was insane.The jury may still be out on this issue.

I also have a secret about something I like to do on my birthday( which was in November). Each year I like to write down three birthday wishes on a piece of paper. Then I fold it up and tape it to the under side of a drawer, or in a place out of sight,so it will be forgotten until next year. Since wishes are free you could ask for as many you want. I just prefer the old traditional Jeanie in a bottle set of three wishes.

Last year's wishes and this year's before it was hidden away
 On your next birthday remove the paper and read the three wishes. I have sat there and looked at that paper before with the most perplexed look on my face. Wondering what on earth I was thinking I wanted that particular item for. Sometimes after realizing that item has come and already gone within that year,and it really wasn't all that grand to start with.

It makes you realize how silly some of our desires really are. You know the"I can't live without it" item. Also I have realized that once the item has come into my life and gone,(usually in a yard sale) what the big deal was all about.

As I get older I have started to notice that my usual selfish wishes have turned to more of prayers for family and friends. Things just don't seem to hold the same value or importance it had when I was young, and thought I had forever. So even though it is a silly trivial thing to do, it has opened my eyes to how fleeting desires are. Who knows someday I might even out grow the whole process.....but not until I get an Ipad.Whew! I guess I'm not as insane as I thought.

Oh and for a totally unusual, but fun thing to do pertaining to our US currency. Here is a web site I discovered in Real Simple Magazine. You can put in the serial number of any $1 bill and see where it has been.The process it is rather new so not all bills have been added to be  tracked. Once you put in yours you give them an email address and you will be notified when it is found again and where.
You can also find them on face book. I think this could be a lot of fun in a school class room too. One lady on face book commented that two years ago she put in her $1 bill and it just turned up in Guam. If only these bills took talk what stories they could tell.