Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Couple of New Items

          Yesterday I had this silly thought that I would do a wordless Wednesday that I have seen other blogs do. I have always thought that was so different and often left you thinking,or pondering a deep thought. I've so enjoyed the ones that were sweet and touching and silent!  Shoot, I don't think I could ever be wordless or speechless or silent for that matter. I looked at dozens of photos but nothing seemed to be strong enough to stand on it's own.....without my two cents! I am a jabber-box to say the least. So that idea quickly flew went out the window.
I wanted to just poke my head in here and show you all a couple of new things. First is my son's newest member of  his family.

His name is Louie and he weights a whole whopping 2lbs! Louie's been spending his days here at the office with us. The guys are in and out all day so it's been mostly me and Louie....and he is a real sweetie. He naps on my lap in a baby blanket. Then we take little walks as soon as he wakes and stretches. It's been years since I have potty trained a puppy.We even added him to our latest commercial we just finished shooting yesterday. It's very funny to see one of these rough and tough construction guys holding little Louie. 
Harrison and Arnold the Goldendoodle when he was a puppy

Arnold is huge now. He's also a big fluffy walking carpet!
 My son also has a standard size Goldendoodle and boy do these two look comical together. I need a photo of the two of them but they won't sit still.....imagine that!

The other new item is a fall center piece I just completed. It's really my first item that isn't a toy and isn't for children. Well children could use it but I doubt they would be excited about a circle of stones with pumpkins and gourds.

I hope to finish a few more items real soon....but Louie and I have sooo much to do right now!;)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Rainy Cool Fall Day

I've been working on a post about my trip when I saw this dessert idea on another wonderful blog. Be Different Act Normal. I love this blog! The name simply cracks me up,and it is always full of wonderful ideas.
So I know I'm repeating myself,but I love cooking in canning jars,still not sure why but I do. So this is perfect for Halloween for my little ghouls and goblins! And I have Ooodles of new jars just waiting for me.The boys start talking Halloween the minute September rolls around.....well to be honest we all do. 
We all really enjoy dressing up even if we're not having a party. We just dress up and walk with the kids as they trick or treat.This year I've been told they will be hosting a party and my oldest grandson plans on having many of his fellow theater friends there. That will be a hoot because theater kids love nothing better than to wear a costume,makeup and play a ghoulish role!
This is a school full of wonderful theater talent.That's why Showtime aired a documentary about them.
Several of his friends have just come from Scotland where they preformed E.A. Poe...Into the Mind of Madness. They have been lucky(and talented) enough to have been invited to Scotland for the last several years. This play is very dark and very spooky to say the these kids should have no problem falling back into character. Floyd Central and New Albany High School is loaded with so much talent. It makes me sad that the theater teachers from both schools are retiring this year. I hope it doesn't change things too drastically.
You may remember a while back I talked about the documentary called Guys and Divas that aired on Showtime. It's about three of our local high schools theater department. Check it out there's a clip at the link above on You Tube.

Today is a rainy dreary, stay in my sweats and read kind of day. So I am loving all of these new on line magazines. I just discovered another fabulous one called Styled.

The photo's are absolutely beautiful. I sat for so long just drooling over figs. The crazy thing is I've never tasted one before,but now I know I must have one.

A dear sweet blog friend Kai from Celebrating Christmas Year Round mentioned just the other day that they are her favorite. So figs are my shopping list! you eat them as is or do they need prepping in some way?
My persimmons are just about ready to fall. So soon I will need to take a hike down to the creek and just hope I beat the deer to them. This time of year as the leaves change color and it begins to get cooler,my taste buds scream for, apple cider,butternut squash,baked pears,persimmon pudding,and my boys all time favorite pumpkin roll.....ahhh fall comfort food, yummy!!
The last of our butternut squash from our garden.
 So this dessert went to the top of my list. Lattice Cider Cookie Tops. Pie dough as a cookie now that is a Genius idea....probably only new to me....but still GENIUS!!

I first found it on a blog called More Design Please. That's what led me to discover Styled the on-line magazine. Oh I just had a thought I wonder if this would work on top of my canning jars with apple pie inside....then baked in the oven with these sweet cookies on top! Genius idea!!

Oh I hate to have to get dress and go to the grocery...on such a dreary rainy day but sadly my taste buds have taken control of me.

I've heard it said that people have been seen at Walmart ( People of Walmart) in their house slippers and pajama pants,and even worse....hummm so I may just go as is.....sweats and slippers!We need a drive through grocery for days like this. Genius idea!

Since I have a new hair color,some copper/red added to my way too light....natural blond (ha ha)no one may recognize me.........That reminds me of a funny moment this week.
Patrick my 16yr old grandson passed me on the road a few days ago while driving in Drivers Ed class. He told his mom he had seen my new hair color. I asked him why he didn't honk and he said he couldn't because he was with his drivers ed teacher.....I thought, oh that's true,Duh! You see there's still a lot of blond in my hair! But he went on to say that I looked mean and grouchy.Well aren't kids just too sweet? It's such fun to age in front of them,they never fail to point out a wrinkle or a gray hair,or a memory loss!! Sadly I explained that's just how I look as I drive, and I guess no amount of hair dye will change it.... But it does serve me well at Halloween should I dress as a wicked witch.You have to flaunt what you have....moohaha!!! =)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Vacation of Mixed Emotions

         I am officially back from vacation and back to the old grind stone as they say. Vacations are never long enough it seems,and this one is no exception. We never had a real plan other than our Labor Day weekend at the camp with family.
The boys were jockeys in a race at our parks club house. I think there was some serious trash talking going on!

Then we decided that on the day after Labor Day we would head to Kentucky to do some ancestry research on my mother's side of the family.
Sadly however before the week began we received a call that my husband's aunt Lucille,or Cille as she was called had passed away. It was totally unexpected and only 2 months after we had last seen her. My husband was very close to her and his uncle when he was growing up so it was more like another Mom. She was the sweetest woman I've ever met. I never saw her without a smile on her face and she laughed all the time.
Aunt Lucille and uncle Bob had a sweet love story. I'm not sure of the details but I do know that they had a miss-understanding and had parted as a couple. Bob married someone else and had two kids. Lucille never married. Years later Bob and his wife divorced and he came looking for Lucille.They married and had one son,who is like a brother to my husband.
Aunt Cille is standing second from the right next to her mother.His mom is seated directly in front of her.
Several years ago at a family gathering. Aunt Cille is on right wearing a green top and floral jacket.

The sadist part of all is it was only six months after we lost his Mom. Aunt Cille was the fourth born and the fourth to pass away,exactly in the order they were born. We hope and pray this pattern does not continue.

We did eventually get down to Lancaster Ky to do some searching,however we didn't get past my road block in my family tree. Thank goodness for the internet and,but it still doesn't totally replace the foot work these searches require.
So now I am editing dozens of photo's,answering tons of emails and trying desperately to clear my desk at work....oh and did I mention sewing,cleaning,laundry,grocery shopping,and the ever popular unpacking!
I do want to share what we discovered on our little trip back in time....or at least that's what it felt like with our heads stuck in books and papers all from the 1800's. As boring as sitting in a library may seem to many, to us it was a nice trip, and it felt good to get away,even if it was only just across the river. After all not everyone spends their anniversary each year in a bookstore like we do!

Before I end this post I wanted to share an event I will be sharing with my daughter-in-law,grandson and his girlfriend Friday evening.It is the screening of a docu/drama called Grace Surpasses.

Some beautiful art work used as a teaser for this important film

It is set in the Sudan and follows a young girl and her family.I know it will break my heart and I will cry like a fool,because I cry at AT&T commercials. One of the producers of this film is a family member of my daughter-in-law. From what she has been told making these films is extremely dangerous but they feel compelled to risk it all to bring these issues to light.

I look forward to seeing this film.I always look forward to an evening at the Kentucky Center For The Performing Arts. But I'm really looking forward to an evening out with my kiddos....I mean after all isn't that the best part anyway!
Please check to see if this film will be in your area and spread the word I know this production team needs all the support they can get!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Spooky and Fun Halloween Craft

          I know it's still warm and sunny,but fall and Halloween are just around the corner.So I wanted to share a great item I just discovered on a fun facebook/blog page. I think this would be such a cute item to make and add to your decor,or to give to some special little kiddos for trick or treat.
The blog is called Just Something I Made. Cathe the author and creator is so talented and creative....I have spent a lot of time at her blog home. How does she have the time to do all the creative things she does and run such a fun blog! You all know my struggle with finding enough time to do it all.

I have a love of paper crafts so this idea is on my to do list. It will be perfect for the Labor Day weekend with the grand-kiddos. I also had planned to have them paint large rocks to look like ghosts for us to place outside in the flower beds. So now I am running out to the craft store to pick up some supplies...then I will head home to pack for our vacation (which I plan to share with you all soon). OK soooo I will need to remember my bone folder and sharp paper scissors. I have to tell you ( this aggravates my husband ha ha),but I have often forgot to pack many clothing items,and food and such when we head down to our cabin ,but never ever have I forgot to pack my craft supplies.....well after all you have to have your priorities!!