Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy National Hammock Day!!

             I love these crazy, obscure little national holiday's. Like July being National Ice Cream Month....and I think August 3rd is National Watermelon Day. Ahhh yes more reasons to party and celebrate,now isn't that a good thing?
When I saw it was National Hammock Day it brought back my craving for Nags Head, North Carolina. For years my husband told me about how much he loved living down there,and I hoped one day we would visit. Thankfully last year we were able to....and now I am hooked.
The beaches there are incredible. They are not overly developed like Florida and you can still find so many awesome treasures as you walk. I mean to find beach glass is a real treat for me and we found several great pieces.

The hotel where we stayed had these hammock chairs on their decks facing the ocean....ahhhh just thinking about it makes me relax.Trust me getting one was no easy task.....we had to tag team and snatch them whenever we could,they were almost always occupied. When we got home that was the one item I wished I had brought back with me.
There is so much to do in the Outer Banks of North Carolina all of which isn't going to cost you a fortune.The sand dunes was one of the biggest hits with the boys.It is so close to the ocean that you could feel the ocean breeze and see the coast from the hills. The wind is quite strong so kite flying is a must,and just in case you don't have a kite....there's a wonderful kite shop just across the street.

The boys ran up and tumbled down this hill more than once.

One of the interesting aspects of the area is that Blackbeards ship, The Queen Annes Revenge went down somewhere along the Outer banks,and Blackbeard actually live there for a while. He of course was in hiding but there so many tales of his time there. Having 3 grandson's pirates are a fun attraction,well who am I kidding I love Pirates as well hahaha! Still a kid at heart I guess,but I really do. Recently PBS ran a documentary about the discovery of his ship. It showed how they are slowly bringing pieces up and how long it takes to restore these pieces. So now I guess we have a new excuse to go back again,not that anyone needs an excuse to visit.
There's a pirate ship excursion that is just too much fun for kids.....and adults.They dress up your little pirate and you all head out to sea in search of hidden treasure. And low and behold they always seem to find a sunken treasure chest!! The kids just giggled and giggled at the crazy Captain and his crew. He enjoyed this so much that he wore the makeup ALL DAY...even into the evening as we walked the beach. I had to laugh at all of the double looks from people as they walked by.
Yes... oh yes,I am so ready to go back. And if necessary arm wrestle someone for a few moments in that hammock swing,that wonderful hammock swing on the beach.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hankerin' For Something Sweet

           This will be a short post today. Mainly because I'm at work and it is that time of day (3:00pm)when I now need something candy...or ice cream....or a fruit know a little pick me up!
So I started blog hopping and came across a perfect snack idea. Sadly I don't have any of the items needed to make this right now,but later I sure will!!!
It's called an inside out S'more.What a great idea. Why didn't I think of that!Stop by Swanky Pear and check out how to make these. I know my grandsons will love this idea.....I wonder if I could toast one over our campfire this weekend....hummmm I'll let you know! =)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Poppytalk Handmade

        I hope everyone had a great weekend....sadly it's Monday so it's back to work for most of us I guess. And from what I'm hearing the whole country will be under a heat blanket it seems. I guess I better enjoy today because tomorrow will be a heat index of that's crazy.
So since it will be too hot to go outside why not just stay inside and shop online at Poppytalk Handmade!
What a great on line publication of handmade artists......AND ME!!!

Poppytalk Handmade is an online street market publication showcasing artists and their shops.
I am so excited I was invited to participate by the creators Jan and Earl. So I have no idea what to expect. Any exposure an artist can get is just wonderful. What's even more wonderful is this publication.I have spent way too much time there checking out so many fabulous shops....making my list for future purchases...for sure!!
Here are a few of my favorites from this current issue.
The first one a photo of canoes from a shop called Wild Orange Studio.Doesn't it make you think of summer camps?
This second one is striped tote bag from a shop called Meiling Sketchbook.This bag would be such fun to tote around my books or sewing,especially to carry when we head down to our cabin!
The third one is such an unusual pendant from a shop called Artisanie Europe. I love this artists work so much. As a matter of fact I have had my eye on several items in this shop for a while. I just love tiny things and the little houses are precious.
Stay inside in the cool air conditioning and check out Poppytalk Handmade latest issue (Jul 18-Aug 12/11)entitled On The Road.....and let me know what ya think about my table (as they call it).I am tickled to be in the company of so many great artists.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ten Years Sharing Harry

        Well today was opening day of the Final Harry Potter movie. Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that my grandson Patrick and I first started reading and sharing our thoughts on these books. These books made him want to read. Which in turn made him a strong reader. I think the same could be said for thousands of other children.
You may not be a fan of these books or the movies, but for us it was more than just books and movies. Each one was an event. An event that we looked forward to together and shared together, and now sadly it's over. I remember the year he had to get glasses. It was the same year that I had to also give in and get mine as well.

The fact that Harry wore glasses made something that could have been a target in school for teasing now a rather cool thing to wear. I remember a childhood friend of his saying to him "I wish I had to get glasses too".
It also made being a nerd who had his nose stuck in a book a whole lot cooler,especially if it was a Potter book you were reading.

Once while sitting in a hospital waiting room I was so intrigued as I noticed a women my age totally engrossed in a book I had barely heard of. I thought seriously, she's reading a kid's book! Oh silly me....once I picked up the first one I was hooked. I don't know why but these books were just plain fun,not like anything I had ever read before.
My last birthday cake was also in a Harry Potter theme.....the boys picked it out.....these boys know me very well!
My cake in November of 2010

He was so proud when he got his wrist band to get in!

I think back to the fun night we all had sitting and waiting at our local bookstore for the final book to come out at midnight. First we camped out on the ground on a blanket and played games.
We are almost to the door yippee!!

Then we went inside the book store and enjoyed a Potter themed scavenger hunt,various other games,face painting,and just sitting and sharing favorite parts of all the books.
A quick change for the big moment!

On pins and needles waiting until midnight.

Some did face painting,Preston preferred an arm tattoo.
How excited we were to have the final book in hand!

Last night was the first time (and I guess the last) my grandson Patrick, daughter in law Amy,and several of his friends all went to see the last Potter movie at midnight. I just knew I could not stay up that late and actually function normally the next day.......not without a magic wand anyway. 

The theater was full of some very colorful characters to say the least! Amy and the kids had decided to make it even larger event by viewing part I first, and then seeing part II at midnight. During the time in between the movies Amy needed to run to her car so she asked the police officer who was guarding the locked doors if she could could get back in. As he was letting her back in he said....."Do you mind if I ask you a question?" She answered "sure no problem." He then said to her " You look normal... why are you here tonight?" Amy laughed and said "Well I brought my teenage son and his friends tonight,but we have been Harry Potter fans for years" He said" Well you have no idea what crazy people I have seen tonight and how many have tried to get in without tickets" Amy said "oh I can just imagine." He went on to say" You have no idea how many spells have been cast on me tonight" that point they both busted out laughing!!!

But how on earth did one women think of all of this....and look where it's gone...simply incredible. Like my other daughter in law once said "I would have kept writing these books until my hand fell off". We serious fans wish she had!

I guess nothing is forever, but boy did a young boy and his Nanaw sure enjoy it all while it lasted!!
Thank You Harry =)

Friday, July 8, 2011

The 4th of July

Don't ya just love three day weekends!!! I know I do....but then you come back to work and I'm sure you know what that means.Yep, five days worth of work crammed into four! It still doesn't ruin the joy of three full days to sleep in. The best part is being able to sip a cup of coffee instead of gulping one down and rushing to make sure I'm not tooooo late for work.

The important thing to me about a holiday like the 4th of July is to be with family. Well most of the family at least.Our youngest son and his family went to Chicago to visit his wife's family, and the best niece in the whole wide world wasn't able to be with us this year.
Like most July 4th's we went to our camp to relax and just chill. For us that meant no sewing, no yard work, no laundry....and I didn't even turn on the computer,well not as often at least (you gotta have your priorities te he).

Someone was just happy we were all together
 Several members of my daughter in law's family have camps in the park, and her father has one next door to us. We were also joined by one of my brother's and his wife who just bought a camp in the park.Since I knew the weekend would be full of relaxing, chatting....and eating, I would need some yummy food ideas.
Most evenings we all end up gathering at her Father's camp next door around a campfire,or on the porch. Campfire's have become very important to me and my Etsy shop as you probably know. So when I saw this dessert idea I knew I had include it in our weekend.

I found this recipe on a blog called  how sweet eats. Check out this blog for this recipe and lots of other great ideas. She used the larger canning jars and they looked much prettier than mine do. But I thought that the small jars would be just enough for each person,and it was.
Sadly my first batch turned out a bit burned.....lesson learned to never put them under the broiler and walk away,marshmallows burn QUICK! I personally love burned marshmallows better but they just don't look very appetizing to serve. I simply scrapped off the burnt and did the final step again.

Ok now that's licking the bowl!

He agreed that it was delish!

 However I forgot to cut up the marshmallows in little pieces. Oh well, looks aren't everything,because they tasted amazing. And on a warm 4th of July evening,in front of a campfire they were perfectly delicious.
Our park held their annual golf cart parade again this year. So at the last minute we decided to enter ours.
 Ok I am sorry about this picture, but what is it about a goofy teenager? Every time I tried to snap a photo of the golf cart he would jump out in front and make faces. After laughing my self silly, I told him, okay dokay it's going on the blog...hahaha. Also it was so hot out (95 degrees) that my camera's lens was still steamed up....oh well you get the idea.

We really didn't have much to decorate with so we just used what we had. Once we started lining up  we realized that next year we will need a better plan!
There were some really great ideas. We especially loved the cookie monster mobile. We told them that they should have tossed little ziploc bags of cookie crisp cereal to the kids. Preston loved sitting on the back of ours and throwing candy to the kids who lined the streets.
This one was so cute with the kids all dressed up as animals. I'm sure with 3 little ones all close in age their camp is a zoo at times.....I think we all can relate hahaha!
An attempt to get a pic of all of us coming around the club house and pool
Red white and blue patriotism was the popular idea for most
This one was called the dog pound.

We spent a lot of time swimming, playing cards and board games as well as plenty of time just sitting together and laughing.
Pap takes a moment to teach the fine art of Go Fish.
We had the pool to ourselves,but forgot the pool toys,sorry Pap!

Preston jumps to his Pap.Pool is always crowded on holiday weekends.

Family starts to arrive.
Yep I bet he's doing a little whittling on a stick.He has to make a new roasting stick.

He is not shy and made a few new friends at the park.
 We also had a severe evening thunderstorm which forced us inside for a while to find things to keep us busy. My son and grandson decided to make a hobo candle,part of their hobby of the fine art of survival.They love to watch Dual Survival and Preston says he's the barefoot Cody on the show. He loves when he can get his pocket knife out under his Father's supervision and whittle a stick or start a fire without matches. So a hobo candle was a fun activity for them.
I think a hobo candle is made with just cooking oil, a wire, and a cotton ball. I was shocked at how long it burned,several hours believe it or not. It may have burned longer but we blew it out when the rain stopped so we could head outside.
I busied myself by making some small cherry pies baked in canning jars. I kept saying that I thought they screamed old fashion America dessert.But I was corrected by my grandson who said the saying is it's as American as baseball and apple pie. Well he's right,but I think cherry pie runs a good second in my cookbook of favorites.
It was a good Independence Day weekend!
A favorite photo from a previous camp weekend