Friday, July 15, 2011

Ten Years Sharing Harry

        Well today was opening day of the Final Harry Potter movie. Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that my grandson Patrick and I first started reading and sharing our thoughts on these books. These books made him want to read. Which in turn made him a strong reader. I think the same could be said for thousands of other children.
You may not be a fan of these books or the movies, but for us it was more than just books and movies. Each one was an event. An event that we looked forward to together and shared together, and now sadly it's over. I remember the year he had to get glasses. It was the same year that I had to also give in and get mine as well.

The fact that Harry wore glasses made something that could have been a target in school for teasing now a rather cool thing to wear. I remember a childhood friend of his saying to him "I wish I had to get glasses too".
It also made being a nerd who had his nose stuck in a book a whole lot cooler,especially if it was a Potter book you were reading.

Once while sitting in a hospital waiting room I was so intrigued as I noticed a women my age totally engrossed in a book I had barely heard of. I thought seriously, she's reading a kid's book! Oh silly me....once I picked up the first one I was hooked. I don't know why but these books were just plain fun,not like anything I had ever read before.
My last birthday cake was also in a Harry Potter theme.....the boys picked it out.....these boys know me very well!
My cake in November of 2010

He was so proud when he got his wrist band to get in!

I think back to the fun night we all had sitting and waiting at our local bookstore for the final book to come out at midnight. First we camped out on the ground on a blanket and played games.
We are almost to the door yippee!!

Then we went inside the book store and enjoyed a Potter themed scavenger hunt,various other games,face painting,and just sitting and sharing favorite parts of all the books.
A quick change for the big moment!

On pins and needles waiting until midnight.

Some did face painting,Preston preferred an arm tattoo.
How excited we were to have the final book in hand!

Last night was the first time (and I guess the last) my grandson Patrick, daughter in law Amy,and several of his friends all went to see the last Potter movie at midnight. I just knew I could not stay up that late and actually function normally the next day.......not without a magic wand anyway. 

The theater was full of some very colorful characters to say the least! Amy and the kids had decided to make it even larger event by viewing part I first, and then seeing part II at midnight. During the time in between the movies Amy needed to run to her car so she asked the police officer who was guarding the locked doors if she could could get back in. As he was letting her back in he said....."Do you mind if I ask you a question?" She answered "sure no problem." He then said to her " You look normal... why are you here tonight?" Amy laughed and said "Well I brought my teenage son and his friends tonight,but we have been Harry Potter fans for years" He said" Well you have no idea what crazy people I have seen tonight and how many have tried to get in without tickets" Amy said "oh I can just imagine." He went on to say" You have no idea how many spells have been cast on me tonight" that point they both busted out laughing!!!

But how on earth did one women think of all of this....and look where it's gone...simply incredible. Like my other daughter in law once said "I would have kept writing these books until my hand fell off". We serious fans wish she had!

I guess nothing is forever, but boy did a young boy and his Nanaw sure enjoy it all while it lasted!!
Thank You Harry =)


  1. Aw, what a fantastic story. It looks like you've made tons of memories with Patrick - and Harry Potter, of course! ;) I can't wait to see the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, and yet... I've already read the entire series, and the last book was sort of bittersweet. Now I'm going to have to watch the last movie and know that no more are coming! But I'm still soooo excited... Harry Potter is amazing. J.K. Rowling, for that matter, is incredible, and I hope she knows just how loved her world of Harry Potter really is! <3

  2. Oh, what a great post! I read the books for years to my youngest (although all listened in!) until she was old enough to read on her own. We own all of the movies and I adore the magic of Harry Potter. What a lovely read! :)

  3. What fun, Rebecca - sounds like you're all having a pretty wonderful summer, and this just added to that! I am still playing catch-up from my trip, and coming off my second bout of acute bronchitis in about 4 months. Hoping to add more pictures on an "every two day basis", until I am caught up. Hope all is well...Happy Harry Potter!