Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy National Hammock Day!!

             I love these crazy, obscure little national holiday's. Like July being National Ice Cream Month....and I think August 3rd is National Watermelon Day. Ahhh yes more reasons to party and celebrate,now isn't that a good thing?
When I saw it was National Hammock Day it brought back my craving for Nags Head, North Carolina. For years my husband told me about how much he loved living down there,and I hoped one day we would visit. Thankfully last year we were able to....and now I am hooked.
The beaches there are incredible. They are not overly developed like Florida and you can still find so many awesome treasures as you walk. I mean to find beach glass is a real treat for me and we found several great pieces.

The hotel where we stayed had these hammock chairs on their decks facing the ocean....ahhhh just thinking about it makes me relax.Trust me getting one was no easy task.....we had to tag team and snatch them whenever we could,they were almost always occupied. When we got home that was the one item I wished I had brought back with me.
There is so much to do in the Outer Banks of North Carolina all of which isn't going to cost you a fortune.The sand dunes was one of the biggest hits with the boys.It is so close to the ocean that you could feel the ocean breeze and see the coast from the hills. The wind is quite strong so kite flying is a must,and just in case you don't have a kite....there's a wonderful kite shop just across the street.

The boys ran up and tumbled down this hill more than once.

One of the interesting aspects of the area is that Blackbeards ship, The Queen Annes Revenge went down somewhere along the Outer banks,and Blackbeard actually live there for a while. He of course was in hiding but there so many tales of his time there. Having 3 grandson's pirates are a fun attraction,well who am I kidding I love Pirates as well hahaha! Still a kid at heart I guess,but I really do. Recently PBS ran a documentary about the discovery of his ship. It showed how they are slowly bringing pieces up and how long it takes to restore these pieces. So now I guess we have a new excuse to go back again,not that anyone needs an excuse to visit.
There's a pirate ship excursion that is just too much fun for kids.....and adults.They dress up your little pirate and you all head out to sea in search of hidden treasure. And low and behold they always seem to find a sunken treasure chest!! The kids just giggled and giggled at the crazy Captain and his crew. He enjoyed this so much that he wore the makeup ALL DAY...even into the evening as we walked the beach. I had to laugh at all of the double looks from people as they walked by.
Yes... oh yes,I am so ready to go back. And if necessary arm wrestle someone for a few moments in that hammock swing,that wonderful hammock swing on the beach.


  1. It sounds like a lovely place - and so cool about the Queen Anne's Revenge!

    I definitely agree, it's funny what little holidays you can find. ;) I think I may have to celebrate National Watermelon Day... LOL! xD

  2. Oh, those hammocks do look amazing. You should definitely have one hanging somewhere in your yard. Just think of all the hours you could spend reading, resting, relaxing... :) Great photos and sounds like a wonderful trip. The pirates ship does sound like great fun, for kids and adults alike! :)

  3. What a wonderful day! Sounds like a great trip.

  4. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - what a fun post! Love the pirates...and I adore hammocks. With 127 degree weather here in the summer though, it's way too, real trees to tie them to are few and far between! I can live through you, though...Happy Tuesday, Rebecca - Tanya

  5. What a grand time you all had at Nags're right so much fun so much to do and see! Don and I loved Nags Head too...we liked to go in the off season and walk the beaches all alone. Watch the sunrise over the ocean! So relaxing! Love the hammocks...the one actually in the water is fantastic!