Monday, February 4, 2013

Feeling Better and Making Plans

         Hello friends!! I'm back,well almost. At least I think I see a light at the end of this tunnel. It's only been 16 days, and for that length of time they tell me I'm doing very well. I am still using the walker but I'm not gripping it or leaning on it like I was, and thank goodness because my hands and shoulders were starting to ache. I'm not going to say that this is an easy process but when you think about what was done to my knee, you have to admit we live at a great time of medical science.
This was the day after surgery and boy was I swollen

I really had planned to share the good bad and the ugly with you all, but I decided against it. Mainly because I would never want to put someone off from doing this. I know it took me over 5 years to get my nerve up, and I would never want to cause someone to change their mind. I still have very mild pain and have to admit that the therapy is NO fun, but what it will give me back is so worth it!
My sweet husband cleaning the house and even the blinds while I'm laid up. Maybe that's why I loved Downton Abbey so much, I had so many wonderful servants these past two weeks.
The kiddos came over to see me soon after I arrived home.
I love this grainy photo of Preston doing some home work while his mom gets me settled in my chair.

The best part of being laid up I must admit has been having my daughter-in-law Amy here to help me and to drag me kicking and screaming off to PT each day. I used this time to hopefully get her interested in the wonderful British series Downton Abbey.

In the beginning she just didn't think it was something she would enjoy. It didn't take long before she was hooked!! I know that once I am better and back to work full time I will forever miss the time we shared together during these weeks.  She and I have shared some great moments laughing at the outrageously wonderful lines of the Dowager Countess and crying our eyes out at the heart wrenching moments!

If you haven't watched it I encourage you to. For me I love the fact that there is no vulgarity, no violence, and that's rare in today's TV shows and movies. Just a beautiful castle full of great manners, respect, and a style and culture that are gone now forever. Well I should also tell you that there are a couple of stinkers in the castle causing trouble and you do love to hate them.

Last weekend I had a lot of family come down to visit me and we also had a grandson who was turning 10. Since there wasn't much I could really do just one week after surgery I suggested before we went to his birthday party that they give Downton Abbey a try. Most of my family fell in love with it and some even made stops on the way home to get the second and third seasons. We have had so much fun texting back and forth about various scenes. My husband,brother,cousins husband,son and even my son's best friend are all into this show too by the way,this is not just a women's show.

Some of us are down to the very last episode of the third season and have decided to hold off until the rest catch up, and because some family members are just getting started. Once we are all at the last one and I am able to get around better I am hosting a Downton Abbey Viewing Party. I just feel strongly that we need a ceremony of some sort to end this fabulous third season that has made my painful time off so much more enjoyable.

I plan to use much of the silver and crystal I inherited and a few of my great grandmother's brooches and lace gloves. I have several hand embroidered doilies and napkins and when would you ever find a better reason to bring them out to enjoy than at a tea party!
As we talked about the plans and dates someone mentioned we should come in costume. Well why not I said wouldn't that be a blast! We haven't set a date yet but I hope to very soon. Amy is looking on line for a hat and we are going to stop by our favorite antique store because we pretty much know what's there and we have a couple of items in mind we simply must pick up.
I teased Amy and asked her if she would mind wearing this while she's taking care of me.

I think I'm coming as Mrs. Patmore. I adore this women who can cook up a meal for a dozen people without any real modern conveniences. In other words without a microwave. For goodness sake,now that is my hero. So the search is on for my outfit and all of the goodies to throw this charming event.
Nothing can get me feeling better than an event I'm about to come on knee we have lots to do!