Thursday, March 3, 2011

Felt Flowers

           Being on the front page of Etsy treasury pages has generated a ton of attention to my teeny, tiny shop, and I am very thankful.So now I have several orders to complete,and I couldn't be happier!! Or more tired for that matter. I've discovered that I must be creative in some form or fashion or I will lose my marbles. Crafting makes me happy. When someone likes my items enough to spend their money on them that makes me ecstatic!

A few days ago it occurred to me that prom and Derby were just around the corner. I had been trying to come up with something to make using buttons, and of course my main passion in life.....felt.

Many of you may not be familiar with the Kentucky Derby so let me use my Adult Attention Disorder and steer off course for a second and explain.It is a very old annual horse race in the city of Louisville. It is an event that no matter the weather most everyone dresses up in their finest. Hats are one of the most important parts of a women's apparel of the day. Sadly we will not be attending the The Kentucky Derby,but we will be attending a pre-derby gala on Oaks night. Oaks is a race on the day before the Derby and is all Fillies. It has a commonly heard slogan of "The Fillies run for Lilly's".That comes from the beautiful blanket of lilly's that is laid across the winning horse. The Derby race is "The Run for Roses", and as you've guessed the winning horse is draped with a blanket of roses.
Since the event has grown so large it is held in this new location

Kye's is a beautiful banquet facility in Jeffersonville Indiana

The 3rd Annual Triumphant Gala is for a very important cause, cancer. The construction company my son owns and I work for is a sponsor for this event,and I'm proud to say it is growing larger each year.The proceeds go our local Cancer Care Center helping many individuals and families suffering with this horrible disease.Soon we will be putting together a short TV spot to help get the word out about this important  event. I hope to share the completed spot as soon as I have it in hand.

Pink of course is one of the important colors for the Gala.So I decided to make a few pink and black ones. While I was sewing this one below I was remembering a very brave man who wore a pale pink tuxedo last year as a statement I am sure of his wife's survival. I wanted to make a few to lay on our tables for our guests to take home with them as a little thank you for joining us. There is always a silent auction, so Amy and I always donate handmade items for that as well. My son Will is a high bidder at the auction especially if there are any autographed items from The Indianapolis Colts. So then my job is to write the final check as our last donation due mostly to his inability to be out bid....ha ha!Well there are worse ways to spend money I guess.

These were mainly just for practice. I really need to concentrate on a few for a sweet little gal who lives next door to Will and Amy for her Prom wrist corsage. Her dress is black and silver and she's asked for the flowers to be more glitzy. Well you all know I love glitzy!!

I think what she and I liked about this idea is that no one else will be wearing them and they won't fade and die....and they are my gift to her. She is a foster child and since turning 18 a few months back is given little or no help with this expense. Things are different these days. Date or no date the kids all still go,which I think is great!

So I need to get busy and put together a pizazzy one of a kind bouquet for a young girls last high school prom.


  1. AWW ! these are beautiful, Rebecca !
    HAHa it makes me want to attach one to my dog :P
    hes a male tho.... but everyone seems to mistaken him for a female, poor guy.

    Anyway, im glad to hear that your store is getting a lot of attention, & i know without a doubt you'll manage to "keep your marbles" (:

  2. Beautiful felt sweet that you're making a felt corsage for the young ladies Prom Night. I'm with you two...lots of glitz and glam is definitely the way to go!

    How wonderful that your son's business sponsors the event to make money for your Cancer Care Center. And thanks for sharing about the man who wore the pale pink tuxedo to support his wife. Very special!

  3. Hello,

    Your photograph of your son? by the creek is very appealing, and nice!
    I found you on the Handmadeology Forum regarding Blogs.
    I am now following you, and would appreciate if you find the time to follow me :)

    BTW, your felt corsages are awesome. It certainly shows that youve spent quality time on them!


  4. Rebecca these are so beautiful! You make miracles with your hands!

  5. Those flowers are amazingly pretty and cute! I love them!

  6. haha Rebecca , your comments are always the greatest (:

    i hope the crepes work out for you !
    i think theyre easier to make than pancakes and they have alot more options, toppings wise.

    i had to sort of guesstimate on the measurments for the crepes, since i was in a breakfast rush. buuuut, with all your cooking experience, im sure u`ll make amazing crepes in the end (:

  7. So whimsical, Rebecca - LOVE the flowers! Hope this has been a better week for you...Tanya

  8. That's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! So feminine AND functional, too! I thought I was the only felt fanatic! YAY! Someone ELSE is! I can't pass by the felt in any craft store without having to buy some. Doesn't matter that I have enough to cover a city in it. LOL! But what a wonderful thing, felt! Inexpensive, easy to work with, and pretty! I knew we were sisters of the heart, Rebecca!

  9. How sweet, Rebecca! Very neat work. I can't even see the needle with my eyes, haha.

  10. I love your felt flowers! I love felt and this is such a funderful way to show it off! I'm a bit of a felt crafter, too...not that fancy, though...if you want to see...