Tuesday, March 22, 2011

World Water Day

         I must admit I never understood the importance of how many areas of the world lack clean safe water.  Here we simply turn on the faucet and like magic clean water is delivered right to us. But I really didn't know how that water became safe for us to drink.

I was proud to learn this morning that our local soccer team from Louisville Ky recently returned from a mission trip to Brazil. Their mission was to take a similar filtration system that the city uses to Brazil to teach them how to get clean water to areas where it is needed badly. Edge Outreach is the organization that the Louisville Water Co and Louisville soccer delegation worked with to install two water filtration systems.
 Often when disaster strikes an area much needed bottled water is delivered immediately, but that certainly isn't sustainable. This system gives them a future of clean water everyday.This same group also went to Haiti and are setting the gears in motion to aid Japan if needed.

We of course have tried to save water here at our house by installing two rain barrels last year near our garden. This photo is similar to the two we bought at our local Home Depot.Thankfully our garden is much lower than our barn so installing the rain barrels up on the hill behind the barn allows us to deliver the rain water easily to our garden,using gavity.As a matter of fact we had so much rain water that we actually had to empty them of quite a bit at the end of the season last year.

We have such an abundance of fresh water here in the U.S. that you never have to fear when giving a cup to drink to our children. We are also so fortunate here to have enough water for back yard pools and lakes to play in. Sometimes are toughest decisions in busy daily lives is to force ourselves to actually drink enough water. While in many countries women and children may walk all day just to get a small container of water,which in most cases is not fit for human consumption.
My favorite island,where I want the kids to pose on,so funny!

If you feel as if you aren't able to contribute money to help these charities and organizations, remember that just becoming educated can be a powerful first step. To learn and to understand can also help us here to save and not waste what we have plenty of now. You never know where life will lead you then to serve the world around you.


  1. Thank you for this eye opening reminder- true, we take our clean water for granted.

  2. Rebecca...when I shower, use my dishwasher, use my washing machine or wash my car I think about people around the world who do not have clean water delivered into their homes everyday. Who have to search for water to drink. Thank you for your post...God bless the people who are doing this service for other countries!

  3. Hi! I am your newest follower! Glad you found me on handmadeology! Great blog!

  4. thats amazing!
    cute barrel filters for rain water,
    id def. use one for my home.. but Cali isnt really a place for rain.. it might rain a week or two in a year here.
    so sad.. since i DO LOVELOVELOVE the rain.

    and that island is adorable!
    how deep is the water around it?

  5. Thanks for the follow and the comment! Happy to return the favor!


  6. I was surprised at how much water we got in our rain barrel too. I love when it rains!

  7. Thanks for the reminder about how important water conservation is! I always try to do my part but I'm sure there are ways I could be doing more.

  8. The jonquils are beautiful! Came by to see if I could access some of my blogger friends, since I haven't been able to access my site yesterday afternoon/evening or this morning!