Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some Dreamy Craft Ideas

              I have been so busy filling orders ( I feel like Santa with no elves)and trying to squeeze in some time to enjoy the season with the kids that blogging has been terribly neglected........I am sorry.... tis the season to run out of time and money........falalalala! Recently while I was trying to catch up with friends and family on Facebook I noticed one of my favorite web sites had some more great holiday decor ideas.
I know I've told you all about my passion for paper crafts,so this lighted paper snowflake wreath really caught my eye. This can be found at a wonderful web site called Under The Table and Dreaming. Stephanie Lynn always has so many great craft and gift ideas. I love to go there and dream with her.
Since as usual I'm short on time I thought these would be a quick and easy craft to make. I love giving and receiving homemade gifts every year. They just seem to mean more since someone took the time to work on something just for me.
Most everyone loves snowglobes. I know I fell in love them years and years ago during a Shirley Temple movie. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it was Heidi. Those movies were wonderful and always made me cry.
The simple idea of using an inexpensive snowy Christmas tree gives them so much charm.I always have tons of ideas each year of what I plan to make, and as usual I never have time to complete it all. This however I think I can, since I have all of the necessary items on hand. My husband and I for some silly reason save jars. Some jars have such unusal shapes that we find it difficult to toss in the garage bin.Yes we are pack rats!!
I think these would make great gifts for anyone on your list.Hummm I feel a late night craft session in my very near future.

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  1. Hi Rebecca...I hope you get a chance to make some of these...they appear incredibly simple and yet quite beautiful! Makes an elegant display!