Thursday, June 23, 2011

Preparing for the 4th of July

       July 4th is just around the corner and I've been searching for ideas. We usually just have a simple back yard evening of swimming, grilling out and then of course the must have.....fireworks.... for the kiddos.....the big and the small kiddo's of course.
While I was blog hopping today I discovered a few fun tips and printables I wanted to share. Custom Printables has a great freebie. A popcorn/candy box designed special for The 4th of July. I plan to print this one to use for popcorn.
I was thinking about adding some tiny chocolate chips to the warm popcorn. I think that would be delicious with the salty popcorn, don't you? Actually I watched a lady at the movie theater in the row in front of us do something similar. She dumped a whole box of snow-caps into her bucket of popcorn and it looked artery clogging,heart stopping delish!!
For another fun printable you should stop by Don't Eat The Past for a red,white and blue printable gift box. I think this would be perfect for party favors at any summer party. Hummmm, maybe even some chocolate covered popcorn inside.
I'm not really sure this next printable screams the 4th of July, but I just had to share it because it is American. Toy-A-Day is a place I visit often for paper toys. I saw this one today and thought why not add him to my table for the 4th. I will have to go back and see if they have a Statue of Liberty paper toy.
Isn't he a hoot!!
Of course where better to find party ideas than my favorite place.... Martha Stewart. She has zillions and zillions of party planning ideas, as well as printables. I could spend hours there.....well actually I have!

What I love about printable's is they are easily available for virtually nothing. Then once the party is over and you are cleaning up, simply toss them out. A lot of decor bang for the buck I guess you could say. 
Family Fun has several easy ideas for patriotic decor. Here is one I plan to use, a fold and snip star.

Better Homes and Gardens was an accident actually. I never would have thought to go to this web site  for party decor,but they really do have lots of wonderful ideas. I'm all about cheap,easy and simply and this one is all three. This would be perfect for my front porch railing.
Wouldn't the fold and snip star work for this?
As you know I am a nut about paper lanterns so this one is easy peasy for me! I think I still have several bags in the back end of my car....just waiting for me to sneak them in while my husband is busy....Moohahaha!
We also may spend a day or two at the camp and they always have a golf cart decorating contest. So I need to come up with some ideas for this year.....Let's see......I do have plenty of glow sticks,crepe paper and Chinese lanterns....oh and I think I noticed a Liberty Crown and Torch to craft on Family Fun that I would look great in. 

I don't think the boys would be too embarrassed, do you hahaha ! =)


  1. Such wonderful craft ideas..thanks for providing links...
    by the way..that popcorn sounds sinful!

  2. More craft ideas from you.. Thanks for the links. I play and work at the same time in the office today, ha...