Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A New Fun Calendar

You all know how much I love camping and campfires....and it all started by accident ever since I made my grandson's each their own felt campfire to play with. It seemed safer than the actual one they constantly wanted to play around.
Well I just recieved my email with July's paper calendar from Curiosity Group.
I think this will look great on my desk here at work. I am printing several to take and hand out to a few friends who also love camping.Click here to be able download and print July's calendar. Check out the other items they have one of which is Kung Fu Panda from this summer's fun movie.
 Check these out and have fun....I'm on my way to build my little camp site calendar to brighten up my desk!


  1. What fun I have had looking through your blog!!!!! So very many things that we agree on! Can I remember? duh!
    But the campfires are unbelievable!!! I haven't gone over to etsy yet but will do so after I write this. Thanks so much for posting and I am adding you to my Favorites list because I don't want to miss anything!! Linda

  2. Okay, now I remember (all right so I went back and reread some areas). I saw Super 8 a few nights ago and I loved it. It is more scary than some of Steven Spielberg's movies, though. I haven't seen Green Lantern. Then I saw Popper's Penguins with my granddaughter. I'm not a big Jim Carrey fan. It was just okay.

    Stay well. Linda