Saturday, June 4, 2011

Camping Fever

             I hope everyone else has caught the outdoor fun camping fever,and it's not just me!
Today I am helping my husband work out back to set up our little pool and bring out the outdoor furniture to the lower patio. This patio really needs some decorating and sprucing up this year. I hope we have the money and energy to accomplish both this year.We have finally completed the upper deck and the patio at our cabin/cottage I never know exactly what to call it.....we usually just say our camp. So of course I'm hiding in hopes he will start without me and forget I was gonna help....I know that seems mean te he!! But it's worth a try.
I was piddling on the web and some how found a web site about Indiana State Parks. I even have A.D.D. on web surfing! There I found a fun gift shop.It's called Mother Nature's Mercantile and it has some great summer gifts.
The funny thing is I make S'Mores for my fire-pit, but I really don't care for them. I love the smell and I can eat my weight in roasted marshmallows, and who in their right mind doesn't like chocolate. But the combo of all three just isn't for me. I think the main problem is the graham cracker, just not my favorite.

 Our oldest grandson has always been a game fanatic.He use to tell us he wanted to be a board game designer when he was little. Now he leans mostly toward video games,as most teens do. Incidentally he has been published twice as a game reviewer on the web. Makes a Nana very proud!!!
But down at the Camp card games RULE! Especially a game called Nerts.I plan to post more about our summer family Nerts competition soon. So I'm thinking this S'Mores card game could be a good addition to Patrick's birthday that is coming up soon.

Since I spend most of my time making Campfires I thought this shirt should become my new uniform!

Uh oh! DANG IT!! My husband has found me and now I have go and help....and it's going to be 96 degrees I need your prayers hahaha!!!


  1. I'm spending today in the yard, toon here in Vegas. Be careful of the heat, Rebecca. LOVE S'Mores, and we used to play Nerts as kids, too! Happy Sunday - off to grab the lawnmower.

  2. Lol ~ it was worth a try! I hope you survived the heat! We love to camp, in fact I'm counting down the days until we go at the end of the month. We use our camping vacation to completely relax, no running around or tons of plans. Walking, riding bikes, reading, napping... oh, I can't wait!! :)

  3. Don and I used to camp all the time...loved it! We "rough" camped by the way...out of the back of our Ford Courier! Lots of fun! I hope you survived the heat too!

  4. I was writing my blog about how I was itching to go camping and found the smore pic to add to my blog post it linked to your blog and then I discovered your from my home state of Indiana. I sure miss home! I am from Central Indiana but reside in Oklahoma now, been here since 1983. I have been wanting to camp Indiana again. Very fun memories of us going to Brown County when we were young.