Friday, June 17, 2011

Random Thoughts, My Dad and A Polka Dot Sky

As I sit here trying to narrow down my thoughts, which is no easy task for me I am munching on my favorite candy. Yesterday I made a trip to one of our local Dollar Tree stores and bought myself a box of Boston Baked Beans.Oh my goodness I love them.
They remind me of being a kid and going to the Drive-In with my BFF and my Dad. Whenever a new movie like Where The Boys Are with Connie Francis or Beach Blanket Bingo with Annette Funicello would be playing he would agree to take us.
I think he mostly went for the great ice cream cups with the wooden spoons,and the enormous pork tenderloin sandwiches.Jackie and I would sit scrunched down in the back seat,sometimes outside in a lawn chair and squeal and laugh through the whole movie. I still wonder how he put up with our silliness. But back then it was a simple time,an innocent time I believe for kids. A wonderful time when people neighbored. You actually knew family on your street,and we all watched out for each other. That innocence and respect I fear is completely gone in our world now.

I bet before I finish this post I will have finished this box of candy! Gez, once again I've completely forgotten I was dieting....well I'll just start again tomorrow!
Now my mind is wandering to movies. I'm a movie nut and I have a family of movie nuts.We aren't really picky the only rule we have is it must be entertaining. I however have another rule,and that is it must not be extremely violent or gory. My Mom use to say I was more "G" rated than the kids and I think that's true.
This is why I so enjoy hosting outdoor movie nights.The kids love setting up their chairs and blankets and flash lights.And of course glow sticks we all wear glow necklaces and bracelets. You have to have a good supply of popcorn,root beer, and boxed candy of course. All important elements of a successful movie evening.
Now back to movies.The next movies on my to see list this summer are Super 8 and Green Lantern. They look like real summer fun. I love a good ole action, adventure, comedy!!
I also enjoy a somewhat scary movie!
I may just have to see Pirates #4 again....cause you can never really get enough of Johnny Depp! We all have become pirate crazed right now. With two small grandson's at the perfect age for pirate adventure it has become a constant passion around here. Pirate shirts,pirate games,pirate dress up,pirate talk.....well you get the idea!
Yep,this is a pretty good summer for movies. So many to choose from....and we still have the last Harry Potter movie coming...which the thought of it being the last one makes me want to cry. I have shared this series of books and movies with my oldest grandson,and now my niece for so many years,it's like the end of and era.

Now back to the Dollar Tree. I was just tickled to death to find such a large assortment of fun stuff for this weekend's Father's Day,plus some items for the 4th of July. We also found some great items for the deck and pool.

I try to keep a large selection of glow sticks for summer

Pool noodles a real necessity

Aren't these just fun!!

Fun colorful Luau glasses

Now you have to admit... these are just too cute!
When things are only $1.00 you can afford to go a little crazy and I guess I went a lot crazy.
They had so many Chinese paper lanterns the kind with tiny battery operated lights inside, in so many fun colors. I had to stock up. I love to hang them from the bottom of the deck over the patio below. They are also great to sit on tables,and hang in our trees out back.....such a an inexpensive way to add so much ambiance.Wrapping paper,gift bags,and paper products are always a great deal at the Dollar Tree.

So after I returned home with my discount dollar and candy fix,we had to enjoy a relaxing moment on the deck. As we sat quietly watching deer walk out from the creek and chuckled at the hummingbirds defending their feeders we looked up at the changing sky and saw it was covered in white polka dots. Completely covered in large puffy white dots. Like a dotted swiss bedspread I was owned.
These photo's do not do this justice. It was so pretty!

It was beautiful and made us sit there in reflection on the wonders of God and our thankfulness on this weekends Father's Day. I decided at that moment to pick up the phone and call my Dad,to discuss our our up coming visit. You see my Dad has cancer,and was given 12 months to live,that was 39 months ago. 
Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there who also do for their kids like my Dad has done for all of us over the years!
Yep the candy is gone.....but not the memories.


  1. We are a crazy fun movie family too; nachos and popcorn- blankets and cushions piled on the living room floor we all smoosh together and watch. Great memories are made- conversations shared (a few teachable moments occur); it's great!
    I have seen Pirates 4- it's awesome..and my oldest saw Super 8- says it's creepy good!
    As for your dad, what a blessing to have such time and memories. Our Lord's grace is truly sufficient- today I will pray for him.

  2. Everything sounds awesome!!! <3 <3 Relaxing (or is it just the way you wrote this awesome post?). I definitely want to see the new Pirates movie! :) You're right- you can never get enough of Johnny Depp! <3


  3. Ooh, I can't wait to see the new Pirates movie!

    It's so sad that this is the LAST Harry Potter movie to look forward to, though. :'(
    Me and Jordan are trying to convince Mom to let us see it in theaters when it comes out... for one thing, it will be our last chance to. For another, we can't wait until it comes out on DVD! LOL :)

  4. I Love this post Becky(: and im glad i had a shout out!! Haha. The thing about grandpa was really..whats the word im lookin for...touching(: you have to see super 8! AMAZING!!! anyway have a good weekend! I'll be talking with ya soon.
    P.S i think u know who this is (grammy like woah) (:

  5. Outside movie nights sound like a blast!! What a great idea! Love the deer and the puffy clouds, nature always puts on a spectacular display! And yay! for your dad. Despite what the doctors said, his spirit isn't done here yet, hope you get to enjoy his company tomorrow. :)

  6. This is what i usually do if i'm off at home, looking at the sky, it calms me down. Happy father's day Rebecca, enjoy the day with your loved ones.

    Oh you munch so much candies, my teeth just can't take it. Haha.

  7. OHHHHHH! Boston Baked Beans???? REALLY? I haven't seen ANY of those in YEARS. They are one of the ONLY 2 candies I have ever liked, the other being jelly bellies! (I'm not generally a candy person.) I enjoyed everything ABOUT this post! It made me want to have a do-over of MY childhood. Not a repeat - nooooo way - but, maybe go and be YOUR sister as a child! Sounds as tho' you have beautiful memories! And you are creating MORE beautiful memories with YOUR children! Your father is a fighter, & I am so happy for that! I will hold him in my thoughts! Sorry to write so much - lucky for you I realized I'm getting too carried away so I'll stop here AFTER I say, "YUM to Johnny Depp!" LOL! And HUGE HUGS to YOU, Sweet Girl!