Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hello Again!

I hope you all haven't totally given up on me! It has now been 9 weeks and I can say that I am starting to be able do so many things that I haven't been able to do in years. One of which is cleaning you know the deep kind of cleaning like closets and such!!! OH JOY!! But it has to be done it's been quite a few springs I must admit. We are also preparing for our annual family Easter get together with our confetti eggs.
Some felt Easter eggs I've been working on. They are sewn over paper mache eggs

We have many family members who have lived away for several years but are now back and will be coming. So it's going to be a full house and even more fun! I say this but I am a little worried about the goofy weather we are having this year. Today will be a cloudy 50 degrees but tomorrow it will be cold and snowing. Similar to last weekend which was 71 on Saturday followed by frigid and snowy on Sunday. That groundhog was way off track this year!!
This was Saturday
This was Sunday
 I haven't written any posts because my days seemed boring and totally uneventful. Therapy,work,taxes,house work,meals....repeat. But it was wonderful how each week I would begin to feel a little bit better and a creative idea would emerge. I think it's simply due to recovering from the actual surgery, your body has been through a trauma so it takes time.

The grand-children have been the best medicine too I must add, and our adorable new grand-daughter. They make everything feel better in life!
Toilet paper roll bunnies to hold candy treats for the kiddos

Easter has helped get the creative side of me back up and running. I wasn't able to pull together the Downton Abbey tea party so I am including a touch of it at my Easter party. Most all of the family will be here and it's about all we've talked about for months. I really do hope to have an actual tea party at some point. Perhaps when the 4th season returns in January 2014. I will be having my other knee replaced in November but I think by January I will be able to hobble around and host it.
Our sweet grand-kids!
We have a busy day ahead of us so I must hurry off and get something accomplished. We have a birthday party for our now 7yr old grandson and I have a couple of surprises for him I need to finish. We recently saw the new Oz movie and at the end he looked at me and said "Nanaw I know what toys you should make for me" He then later called me with several ideas all of which were incredible! He has a great imagination and we make a great team. I hate to see him grow up I will forever miss this time with him.
So I am off to wrap gifts and sew a couple of items. Here is one item completed for him. It was an idea that came from the wicked witch when she throws green lightning from her hands.

He always seems to like the bad guys in most all movies because they always have the best gadgets!But he loves the heroes too because thankfully they win!
This one he can throw as a lightning bolt like the wicked witch
This one wraps around his hand and stays in his palm

Have a happy weekend and thank you all for sticking by me!! I promise to return in a few days!