Sunday, January 2, 2011

Crazy Hat Fun

This year we were excited that as a family we were able to be together on New Years Eve,well most of us. There were still several members that couldn't attend and were missed greatly. I don't think we have ever all been together on New Years Eve in all of my adult years, and that surprises me even now as I write this.

I have always lived away from my home town,away from my parents and siblings. So this was a real treat to have a family party on such a festive night. We had family in from Florida and from Arizona, and I think they brought unseasonably warm temperatures with them. Instead of our usual cold, frozen white holiday,we had 58 degrees. The kids loved it, and were able to run and play outside in light weight jackets. Crazy weather,fun crazy family so it makes sense the theme of the night would be a Crazy Hat Party.

It was a lot of fun to see all the different hats,some homemade some store bought.
At our family Christmas party this year we played a game I came up with called How Well Do We Know Each Other Trivia Game. I had each family member send me 3 questions and answers of topics that may not be commonly know about them. I didn't play, I read the questions and answers to everyone else. It was so funny to realize that even though we are a close knit family,we still have so much to learn about each other.
So now seeing each persons hat design whether made or store bought, was a fun insight. I think kids enjoy any activities that combine a common game or adventure with all ages. Young and old participated and made the night great.

My brother's nostalgic political hat

My niece in her colorful store bought hat
My grandson made his out of Legos....A genius idea

After the evening was over I realized I had missed many hats and photo opportunities. It is a tough job to sit and visit with family, catching up and remember to take photos. This I often fail at. I can start out great and then spend the rest of the evening trying to find where I've left my camera.

Even my 81 year old Father got into the spirit of things

This is what happens when one forgets their hat!

Even my 81 yr old Dad got into the whole theme of the party with his chefs hat. After all he is the
Head Chef of our annual popovers at Christmas. The kids were really into the fun of it all. My 15 yr old grandson made an entire hat of Legos. I wish I had photographed it from the side because he made it hollow like a hat would be ,and it had a bill in the front.

The star adds a little extra something I think

My hat was a giant cupcake. I made the cupcake paper out of the inside of a light bulb box. I glued it onto an old baseball cap,with a pink wool sweater as the cupcake. The whipped cream was white felting wool and a metal red Christmas bell for the cherry.

My Daughter-In veiled hat had a real pizazz to it

Oh yum! Lo-Cal Cupcakes my favorite

My husbands hat was designed around a long standing joke. We tease him about all the trivial knowledge he has gathered in his life,from traveling and being a vast reader. We really can't play Trivia Pursuit any more, because he always wins. So I took an old ball cap and glued definitions and quotes to it with some scrapbook stickers. He got a real kick out of it and so did the family.

My husbands hat which was full of knowledge and laughs

A clever way to turn a headband into a hat.

Two cousins being goofy

Birthday hats and uptown cowboy perhaps   

The important thing is we made memories. Fun, happy memory's of letting down our guard and just being goofy. I think that's what being together is all about.

So here's to 2011......and to memory's, may we all make some everlasting ones together!


  1. What a wonderful, happy post - and what a fabulous idea for a party! Looks like a great time was had by all - the Lego hat was brilliant...leave it to a kid! Happy New Year, Rebecca

  2. Love the hats and that so many in your family were able to get together New Year's Eve...lots of happy smiles!!!

  3. Oh my goodness that looks like SO much fun!! Love all of the creative hats you all came up with :) Happy New Year to you and your family :)