Friday, January 21, 2011

Unfinished Projects

I have disappointed myself this week. I have so many unfinished projects and some near finished but not yet photographed. I lost a whole weekend working a trade show for my son's construction company. Then it took me several days to recover and be able to even think creative. Getting old sneaks up on you. Suddenly one day your simply too pooped to pop,and what can pop,also snaps and crackles.
So all I can show this week is an unfinished new Campfire Pit for my Etsy shop. I have added a couple of River birch logs to my new set. I need to finish the sticks with the removable marshmallows, and I think I'm going to add a yummy smore's,and a few other campfire foods to the set for a limited time.
Nearly completed.

The very first Campfire I designed.
I just think in this age of TV and video games that kids need more toys that make them use their imagination. I wonder sometimes if they will lose their ability to be creative. Having said this I must confess that my husband and I have fallen prey to the video game monster as well. We did spurge and buy an Xbox game system and a kinect. Strictly for medicinal purposes only. To get our lazy behinds up and moving.Yes you can find us many a night competing in bowling,table tennis and boxing.

I do hate to brag, but while I am not sportsy in any sense of the word, I remain undefeated in table tennis, and boxing(between my husband and myself). Sadly, I must admit my 15yr old grandson just recently beat me senseless in table tennis. If you haven't tried this game system yet you are missing out on something that young or old can enjoy together.

So I will finish this post with some goofy photos of the ones who make me smile and laugh out loud daily. Hopefully I will have more projects completed soon. We are preparing for our grandson's 8 yr old birthday party,in a pirate, I have loads to do!

He is always making us laugh

So happy I was lucky enough to catch this face on camera

Batman was so tired from a long day of dress up

We were shoe shopping,this is what we turned around and saw

I think he's saying go faster!

Someone wasn't ready for family photo day!

We just weren't sure he liked driving the boat with his Uncle
I've included this post over at Fab Friends Friday at a great blog called For the Love of blogs Go check it out and visit all of their Fab Friends!


  1. I bet kids love playing around your campfire! The g'kids pictures are adorable, batman and the g'kid who wasn't ready to be photo'd really made me LOL...WOW...your youngest son is h-a-n-d-s-o-m-e!

  2. I am sitting here, tired of being cold this morning (bundled up in a big sweater...hard to believe the desert is cold), and that fireplace actually looks warm to me! LOVE the grandboys photos - too cute! Happy weekend - Tanya

  3. I love that campfire set. It looks so warm and cozy!

    Thanks for stopping by and linking up with Crafty Friday!

  4. Oh my goodnes I love love love your new campfire!! That is awesome :) Such cute photos of the kids. I can just imagine turning around in a shoe store to find one of mine with the sample stocking on their head wondering just how many feet had been in it before it went over his face *grin*. Priceless!

  5. That campfire is pretty rad!

    found you via be different act normal