Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gift Wrapped Chocolate Kisses

With Valentines Day just peeking over the horizon I thought I would share a quick and easy craft. This such a sweet way to give a little treat to friends, just about anyone. Maybe even your bank teller or school teacher would enjoy one of these teeny, tiny, Hershey Kisses delivered to them on Valentines Day or any day.
I must apologize to whoever gave me this pattern and idea nearly 10 years ago. I have used it zillions of times.I lost my original pattern in our move two years ago and had to redraw it from memory.

First cut out the pattern. Then select the type of card stock you want to use. This is where you can decide,do you want to use it for a holiday,a birthday,or just to make someone smile.

I hope the above address will give you the exact pattern size

Draw the pattern on the back side of your chosen paper and cut it out. At this point you will need to fold up each side,making a nice crease with a bone folder or your finger nail.

Sometimes I use the black papers for the fellas,and of course there's glitter on the paper.
Then just place your little chocolate kiss inside and add glue to the tabs to close them up.

These make great party favors too. I wish now I had made some with a ribbon tied at he top to show you. They look really cute if you punch a tiny hole at the top and thread a ribbon through to close. I forgot to add the tiny piece of paper I usually add to the top like the Hershey Kisses have poking out. You can type of hand write a blessing or a funny saying for them to discover when they open it.

How cute would these be hanging on a Christmas tree,or used as an advent treat each year. So many ideas for these, just be creative.Let me know what you come up with.Email me any photos you might have if you try them for yourself. Think how many smiles you could give away with a whole bag of chocolate kisses and a few pieces of card stock. Certainly is an affordable gift idea. Let me know what you think.

How fun would this be if you could use a photo or a business card.....Hummm...I may have to try that!


  1. Nice! I'm not good in paper art, i usually buy the ready-made wrappers from the shop and yet i don't wrap them correctly! Haha.

  2. This is an absolutely clever idea...thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog today! I love your wrapping idea :) I'm gonna add your blog to my reader list!
    Have a wonderful evening!

  4. Love this! I'm gonna make some of these!

  5. Ooh I am definitely going to try these - thanks for the wonderful idea! I can imagine these boxes housing all kinds of other goodies too :)

  6. These are so cute. A great idea. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. I just saw your profile info, and, if I had a sister, it would be you! We love all the same things! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you chek out my shop!


  8. So cute! These would be perfect for Valentine's Day.

  9. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog :)

  10. I LOVE this idea! And I have another idea for something to put IN these! Hmmmmm! I'll make some & show you later, okay? Also, thank you for visiting my blog! You are such a genuinely sweet person - I can TELL! And you are the YOUNGEST-LOOKING grandmother ever! WOW! Your blog is lots of fun to read & I'll be back again & again!