Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Candle Cozy

        Always a good feeling when you finally finish a project. I recently agreed to donate a prize to a wonderful blog that I have enjoyed for quite some time,called Whimsy-girl.
She had asked her readers on her face book fan page if anyone would be interested in donating a prize to her monthly craft night. So I thought why not! After all the wonderful and creative ideas she has shared with her readers it seemed like a small thing to do.

Her Pipe Cleaner Tiaras,or as I call them Kings Crowns since I have boys. Several of our company parties I have sat with the children of our employees and made the girls pink and silver crowns,and black and gold kings crowns for the boys. We even got super creative and added beads and then hot glued jewels for an extra pizazz.

So I thought and thought and of course could not think of a single idea of what to make. Then it hit me maybe something for Valentines Day. I was in the middle of finishing my table runner for my coffee table when I decided to make a candle cozy.Sort of like a little rug or coaster for a candle.
The blurred edge is from trying to remove the date from the picture

A close up of the unfinished table runner

 So I decided to add some of my favorite items to the cozy, candy....or felt candy to be exact. After all what's Valentines Day without candy. This way it's low calorie and decorative. I plan to make others using other felt food,like cinnamon rolls with a cinnamon candle,or cookies and a cookies and cream candle. Well that may just be torture to those of us trying to diet, or trying to start to diet.

Photography sometimes boggles my mind,I still struggle with every shot.

Finished candle cozy

So it's off to the post office tomorrow.Thankfully the roads are now clear, and from the recent weather report it could be just a lull before the next snow storm. I sure hope whoever wins this prize enjoys it as much as I have enjoyed my visits to Whimsy-girl blog.


  1. Candle cozy is a beautiful decoration for Valentine's Day! You're not alone with the photo probs...I have a small Kodak P&S and still haven't figured out all the things it can and can't do.

  2. I love your felt items! I would love to put one or two on my blog. If you wouldn't mind, pop over to take a look at some of my items. Maybe you have something that would go with some of my baby/toddler stroller blankets. I have a slide show on the right hand side for you to view. Let me know what you think!
    What a cute set it would make for a gift! A blanket and toy!


  3. Oh your candle cozy is so cute! I just love the little felt candy hearts and bon bons :)

  4. What a wonderful piece of decoration ... Love it !!!

    - Smita
    (fun food ideas for little eaters)

  5. What a great gift - someone's going to be one very lucky person, this Valentine's Day! Happy Friday - Tanya

  6. oh, this is so nice! So thoughtful of you to do this for your friend!

  7. This was such a great idea on your behalf and your candle cozy looks very beautiful. Lucky winner!