Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Yummy Gift For Me

 With all the running, cleaning,decorating,and now gathering tax info for work,I am just plain bone tired. So I mustarded up the energy to put away many of the wonderful gifts I received for Christmas. I tend to leave them in a bag for a while, it makes the holiday's last a little longer for me. When the hustle and bustle is over I can open my bag again and enjoy each item. I don't ever want to grow up,or old for that matter!
 I'm hoping now I will have some time to relax, and read,watch movies,and even enjoy a hot bath with some of the best soaps that I bought for myself. A nice winter snow storm would be awesome right now.An after Christmas, Merry Christmas to me,falalala!

Sunbasil Garden  soaps are so beautiful, and just such fun! A real feast for all the senses, to coin a phrase! I had been enjoying all of her photos on my face book page for some time and when the holidays approached I thought what a perfect stocking stuffer for everyone.

Creme Brulee GRANDE Soap

Lemon Squares Soap

Pomegranate Paradise Salt Bar Soap-BEST SELLER

Creamsicle Soap
 I have found a zillion more that I must have. I love all of the colors,so bright and vivid. I call myself a Crayola person. A big box of 64 has always been a treat to me and still is,and her color choices are so attractive.Eye candy for sure. Everyone has certain scents that they love,that brings back wonderful memories. Scents and colors can be relaxing and healing,science has shown us that. For me it's citrus. Second to citrus is peach and mango. Now add in my favorite dessert in the whole world,Custard pie and I am in heaven.

Well if you're like me and are trying to lose "the annual weight" and are avoiding yummy comfort foods,here's some delicious soaps that could hold you over.....until you cave and give up ( or maybe that's just me). Well lets see today is the 9th of January,yep I'm about ready to cave and eat a creme brulee,or an apple strudel. Now that's sad because I haven't really started dieting yet...ha ha.

Apple Strudel Bon Bon Soaps-Final Sets for 2010
Now seriously who wouldn't go crazy for a cupcake soap like this on Valentines day. It really could make bath time a lot easier for kids who always put up a fuss. Oh maybe I should tell her to make some Super Hero soaps ,or Lego's soaps that my little grand kiddo's would go crazy over.
Sweetheart Cupcake Soap -NEW

Water Ice soap
Well I think I may have found one the boys would love, bright blue Water Ice soap! She makes all of these look so real and yummy. I have had a blast with the ones I kept for myself....and I kept more than I had originally planned to.

Ice Princess Soap- ON CLEARANCE
Right now she is having a clearance sale in her Etsy shop. Follow the link and start checking out her products. You will be amazed at the choices she has. I know one of my favorite things to do is surf Etsy and especially Sunbasilgarden.


  1. I love her soaps and "like" her on I get to see all the wonderful soaps she creates. I thought about getting some for the g'kids but at 3 and 1 I thought maybe they were just a little to young to realize that they weren't meant to eat the deliciously realistic looking soap!

  2. Those soaps are the coolest thing! They do make a great gift idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Regarding my mom passing...yes..when my kids turned six it was a very pivotal time...and as I approach the age she was when she died I kind of cringe. Check out the book I is about woman of all ages dealing with the same thing. Have a wonderful day...and I look forward to keeping up with your blog! =)

  3. They are fantastic. If you didn't tell us they are soaps, I wouldn't guess at all.