Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Lovely Award and Seven Things About Me

What a surprise to be given the Stylish Blogger Award!It was given to me from a great blog friend Tanya from an equally great blog called  beadandneedle. So very nice to be thought of and to have someone give this to me,thank you again Tanya. With this award each recipient is asked to tell seven things about themselves and then pass this on to ten blogs that they feel are deserving of this award.

So on with the hard part seven things about me,well I'd rather tell you about my grand kids but here goes.

1. I have a magazine addiction. It is very difficult for me to discard them. I nearly cried when Mary Engelbrites magazine called Home Companion went out of print. Thankfully I hung on to quite a few.

2. I have Adult Attention Disorder.So I multi task constantly. Which explains why I never read one book beginning to end.I read many books at the same time. A person with this disorder has a zillion thoughts going on in their head constantly. That's why before I can ever complete something I will have noticed....oh look a chicken! That's our family joke about me and I actually said that once. My grand kids nearly fell over. Oh and before my mind wanders on,I'm on the same medication as my 8yr old grandson.

 3. I watch a lot of movies but I must admit I am G and PG rated. I can't wait scary,bloody movies.Give me an action comedy or even better a romantic action comedy, and I am there. Some of my favorites are : Night in a Museum,Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them),all three Mummy movies,Avatar,and all of the Harry Potter movies....well you get the idea.

4.I love my job. I work with my sons so what's not to like.Take a look at our many crazy commercials.We love making them,and from what we hear people in our area love seeing them too. Willz Construction is the name of the company my son owns and I work for.

5.Italian food makes me weak at the knees,I could eat it day and night.

6.Birds are my thing so to speak,all feathered animals. Owls and hawks especially fascinate me.I still hope someday to see an owl in the wild. I can sit for hours and watch our many bird feeders,and have!

7.I have become a fanatic about the dangers of fabric softener and softner sheets among other similar chemicals ,that I believe are very harmful. My 15 yr. old grandson tells a funny story about if I was a detective who was investigating a murder. He believes I would look around and not see the weapons or any of the other obvious signs of how the murder happened. No, I would turn to the other investigators and say" I know exactly what killed these people, fabric softener". Well I guess I believe strongly enough that it would have got them eventually anyway!

Now for an even harder part,naming only 10 blogs that I feel deserve this award. I will list them in no particular order. Some of the ones I have chosen are fairly new blogs,and some are well established and have a large following. Several may never even know that they have been chosen. I am hoping by naming them you will visit these great bloggers and see why I call them my favorites.
The rules to this award are : Receive the award; Say thank you; Grab the button up above; Reveal 7 things about yourself; Then pass it on to 10 of your favorite and stylish bloggers.

                                           Nikki from whimsy-girl
                                           Maya from mayamade
                                           My Daughter in Law from Rachelwillowzdesigns
                                           Kai from celebrating christmas year round
                                           Katerina from Culinary Flavors
                                           Milka from Milkasue
                                           Linda from Naturalsuburbia
                                           Rosina from Rosy-Posey
                                           Theanne from Theanne and Baron Starting Over
                                           Jessica from Zakkalife
I hope you can take some time and visit these great bloggers. Many have become friends that I look forward to visiting as often as possible.


  1. Thank you Rebecca for the award!! And congrats to you for getting it!! I feel lucky and i appreciate for you have passed it to me. Thank you so much!!

  2. By the way, please join Debbie's Newbie Party at
    Your talent and this lovely blog should be shown to all! Love ya!

  3. Congratulations and Thank You Rebecca...I certainly wasn't expecting to be in your list of 10...what an honor! Oh my, now that means I have to think of 7 things about myself and narrow down the blogs I love to visit to 10...(you'd have been one but you've already gotten the award...good for you...for me,not so much ...LOL) I also love magazines (and don't like to get rid of them), love hawks, loved the 2 commercials I watched, loved Avatar, thumbs up for Italian food, have been hearing about fabric softener! I like how willing you are to let others know about new's so easy to give someone else a hand up!

  4. Congrats - you certainly deserve it for what you've done with this little blog in such a short amount of time! GREAT 7! Loved the Lil Willz one of your grandsons, and is that you in the very last commercial? Yes, I watched them all. I love birds, too...though the ones I have been left with in Las Vegas are not as colorful as they have been other places in my life - we do have an occasional roadrunner, though. Those are very fun to watch. Happy Monday, Rebecca - Tanya

  5. Congratulations and thank you Rebecca for the award. It is always great to know more things about the person behind the blog! I will add it in my next post.

  6. Well, you are a total sweetheart! THANK YOU, Rebecca! I'm going to DO the 7 things, but - LOL - I'm such an open book, I doubt there's ANYTHING everyone doesn't already know about me. Hmmm ... maybe I'll pull out some deeeeeep, dark secrets. (Oh, yeah. Even THOSE aren't secret.) I enjoy your blog so much & love how REAL you are! I wish I lived near enough to you to invite you over for tea or coffee!!!!

  7. Thank you!!!! I am thinking of 7 things to tell about myself. I love your things and laughed about the adult add because you did do "the look its a chicken" and I couldn't stop laughing, and fabric softner which will always be a battle with the family haha.