Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crafty, Creative Friday,& Show and Tell Saturday

This is absolutely not my favorite time of year. No, not time. I have been crazy busy at work gathering tax information for our accountants so there hasn't been much time for creative fun. When I have had a spare moment I have been working on my grandson's birthday party hat.He didn't want a crown,he wanted a pirate hat. No bling bling he told me, he knows how I love sparkles,glitter and jewels. I hope to show you all his Pirate themed birthday party the first of next week. He is so very excited and can barely wait so it should be fun.

Boy do I need to get my roots done!

 I did finally finish one item I have been working on ,my thought bubble hat to use in photos. Last year I bought a roll of black oil cloth whichs acts like a chalk board. I found it at my favorite little web store called bellocchio .The shop is located in San Francisco and has some of the most unusual items I couldn't possibly list them all.

I highly recommend the raspberry box for a great gift container. I bought it last year for my mother in law who now lives in an assisted living facility. It was so beautiful with raspberry candies inside.

I have to say I had a lot of fun with this black oil cloth. There are so many things you can do with it.One idea comes to mind, kids placemats. The material isn't stiff or thick.So any shape can be cut out. It's such a smooth surface so it's easy to write on with chalk and wipes off beautifully.

 It is so easy to work with you could quickly make a chalk board area in a child's room. You could simply staple or nail the oil cloth to the wall.Then frame the edges with some trim molding and you're done.So much faster than painting a wall with chalkboard paint. I have often wondered just how difficult repainting a chalkboard painted wall would be once the interest is gone. With this oil cloth once the kids out grow it, just pull it off, and patch a few tiny holes.
 Another idea would be labels for jars,baskets, boxes or even use for gift tags. If the contents in a jar or box are frequently changing than using chalk would work great. But for a gift tag I would use a white or silver marker. Then punch a small hole with a hole punch and tie it on your gift. I think it would look great on any wrapped present.....maybe even for a little pirate who's about to turn 8 years old.

 Easy Peasy as the kiddos say!


  1. That hat is so cool! It would be fun to have one and stating my status like in Facebook, and maybe write something like "Leave Me Alone" haha. So cool!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh - I could think of LOTS of things to write! :-) You are the "creatingest" gal I know, I think! Happy weekend...Hope it's beginning to warm up a bit. Tanya

  3. Love the hat and all the cool ideas for using black oilcloth!

  4. I love chalkboards! I have a huge one that I framed in a big gold and black gaudy sort of frame! Put it on an easel in my front entryway! The latest note on it is "Spring is coming". When I have a dinner party, I write out the menu! When I have a bridal or baby shower I use it then too! I love the placemat idea!

  5. I love the placemat! And you can write anything you want on these. great idea!

  6. LOVE the hat, totally want one for myself! Great post!

  7. Now THERE'S a great hat idea for my chemo-bald head! LOL! Love the placemat idea, too! And I look forward to seeing the pirate party fun (even if you AREN'T allowed to add bling!) I've wanted to tell you how much your comments on my blog mean to me! THANK YOU! I can tell you are a sweet & VERY genuine person, and I wish I could meet you in person just to give you a big hug! Smiles, and have a fun, stress-free (no thinking about naughty old taxes) weekend!