Sunday, January 6, 2013

Number One On My List For 2013

         So another year is done and we are off and running in another year full of hopes and possibilities. I don't know about you all but I have never been a person who makes resolutions.....I know how I am and I would only let myself down.

What I like to do is make lists. I'm a crazy list person. I love the feeling of checking something off,the satisfaction that a chore or an obligation is now complete.
This year is certainly no different. I made my list for 2013 last fall and number one is getting the most dreaded chore I've had facing me checked off the list! I'm getting my left knee replaced. First let me say I truly hate that saying. While it is called that, it's really getting the cartilage replaced,and that's all the details I need to know. However you describe it or whatever name you give it it's something I've put off for nearly 6 years and now it must be done.

I have lived in pain for quite a while....not totally mind you it's only when I walk or stand for any length of time. I have missed out on so much because of these ugly, swollen, knobby things called knees. So it's time to get it fixed and get on with living a good life. I know it won't always be a pleasant process but with the help of my family, friends and some nice strong pain killers I will be back better and healthier in no time.
Jason has been a fitness fan for a very long time.I wish I could say he takes after me.
My crazy sons in my office one day trying to teach this old dog a new trick. I enjoyed a tootsie pop instead!

My youngest son has told me that as soon as I get the okay from my surgeon he will whip into shape! Jason works with us and he is also in the military as well as a avid fitness person. I admire his dedication.Sadly he did not get this trait from me. He works out everyday no matter the day for 2 hours and has done this for more than 10 years. He has been on me to get this fixed and get to the gym for a long time. Whenever he sees me in pain or struggling he will make me get on the floor and always helps. I've learned through him that if we don't do anything else in our day as far as exercising goes we must always at least do stretches. He believes it's the secret to aging well and staying well.

I told the kids that the first thing I'm going to do when I learn to walk better this year is buy a pair of these shoes!

I'm just kidding of course but to not have to wear the most boring flat cushy shoes would be a real treat, so who knows I just may buy me a pair of glitzy heels! I do have to tell you I have spent a million dollars looking for the magic cushy shoes that would make walking feel me there are NO shoes out there that can fix this. I've even bought some that said they have a spring in the heal to take arthritic pain away....they don't, take the pain away that is. Soon my oldest son will be given the honor of cutting the heal open to discover if they really do have a spring inside. When I first spent over a hundred dollars on these beauties he asked that when I no longer needed them could he cut them open and check for an actual spring.
I hope to share this path with you all....the good the bad and the ugly. Well maybe not the ugly so much I still have some pride =)
I will be around to check in and who knows I might even be able to write posts more often since I will be off work for a while......and that my friends is number two on my list!