Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Internal Camera Argument

     We all lead such busy lives that convenience becomes the important element in our day to day choices. I believe most of us fight the urge to simply drive through a fast food place to pick up a quick and easy dinner option....or maybe that's just me. You see the office I work at sits directly behind a McDonald's and on some days when exhaustion has set in it screams"come and get me!"I am proud to say that only one time since January 1st have I fallen prey to those golden arches.

But this issue of convenience has lead me to another struggle and that is my I phone camera vs my Nikon camera. I love my Nikon and I now have two new lenses that allow me to zoom in from a much greater distance and my macro lens which is simply just too much fun. But on nearly every occasion here lately my camera has been safely sitting at home while my phone as my husband says is always glued to my hand. So I have been forced to use it to capture those special moments with a new grand-daughter and at the kids school plays and at many of our family get-together.

My iphone camera is slowly becoming my new best friend! Just recently I added some fun apps to allow me to do so much more with the photos and that has made me as giddy as a school girl.

But what it allows me in convenience it lacks in other options like the zoom and the macro lens. So imagine my surprise when I was recently reading my new Better Homes and Gardens magazine and saw these new extras for phone cameras. Now it's here that I must add that I am by no means a "real" no means! But I do love capturing memories with my grand-kids. And when I get it right there's no better high for me!
One time I felt I got it right!!

 So if you're like me and are looking for more ways to use your phone camera I wanted to share a couple of items I am looking at to purchase.

Photojojo has a great website full of fun stuff like these two items I'm showing. Some are relatively inexpensive and some are a bit more costly. But in most areas of our lives we are usually willing to pay a little more for the convenience.

Now this lens is called a fisheye and is $25.00 alone or you can buy 4 lenses, a pro quality Fisheye, Telephoto,Wide Angle and a Macro cell phone lenses for $49.00! WOW! Seriously that would make it so much easier to haul around camera gear. They even make cute little cases to store the lenses in and carry.  

This telescopic lens shown below is only 35.00 and though it may not be as strong as my Nikon lens  it's a great feature that would be much easier to carry around with me.

 I will never be totally without my much loved Nikon camera but I sure have to admit that cell phone cameras have come a long way. I envy young parents today. They can capture a moment so easily either by a still photo or a video, then share it with family and friends in an instant! Do they realize how lucky they are? I mean just the mere fact that no one is squinting from the blinding spot light in their faces (those my age will get that comment)is the amazing thing. Well I guess I've talked myself into off I go to order a new lens. I'll let you know the out come!