Friday, May 11, 2012

Creating Garden Decor

       Memorial weekend is just around the corner and for us that means our annual family get together. I've been searching for a craft project that the ladies and I can do together. I've really been in the mood to add a couple of small flower gardens around our patio area. With 6 acres to mow and trim, flowers gardens have not been on our priority list.We have added lots of wildflower seeds which is perfect for larger areas and requires little or no maintenance. It's been so much fun watching the wild flowers spread year after year.

Now I'm ready to add some small flower gardens around our lower patio. This has become our favorite place to sit and relax when the weather turns steamy hot!
I've been looking at some decorative garden items and have had some sticker shock at the cost. Plus being a crafter my first thought is always how can I make this myself.

Today I found what I think could be a easy idea for some garden stones on a blog called Sunset Gurl Design. Plus what I like about this idea is it uses something everyone should have or can get easily find which is leaves. I really like how the bottoms of large plant leaves look with all their veins, and it really makes quite an impact in these garden stones.

It's very similar to a project I saw last year on The Martha Stewart show. Cement garden leaves, and once again using plant leaves. I have kept this idea on my "to do" list as a future project. Items like these at your local garden centers would not be inexpensive. So making them seems to me to be a cost effect idea.
The main ingedients are ready mix and sand and of course leaves of your choice. Wouldn't this be fun to do with your kiddos. My grandsons would enjoy a hike down the creek in search of a variety of interesting leaves, just don't pick the itchy ones! It's kind of like combining education with creativity as well as an outdoor experience.

If this ends up being the project that we choose I will share the process good, bad or comical as well as our photos. But really the best part of any project we choose is just being together, laughing and chatting and creating great memories!

What does your Memorial weekend look like? I would love to hear what traditions or activities you and your family enjoys on our nations very popular three day weekend.


  1. This is such a fun activity to do with my son! Your garden looks very beautiful Rebecca!

  2. What a great project idea, Rebecca - I love what you come up with! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! XOXOXOXO

  3. you and your family are such a marvel to me...I love the leaf and cement idea! they do turn out quite beautifully don't they!