Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Repurposing Old Memories

            Since my Dad passed away we have been clearing out his condo and dividing up all of his belongings among family members.It was very important to us that everyone,grandchildren,great grandchildren, niece and nephews were able to have something that once belonged to our parents. Many items have ended up in my basement. Mainly to allow me to have some time to think and not just toss things out.

Among tons of items were lots of his trophy's. You see my Dad was an awesome golfer,bowler and softball pitcher. I believe had he not followed in his father's foot steps, banking, he could have been a professional golfer. He even had a few trophies from his years of living in Sarasota Fla for shuffleboard! So needless to say he had a lot of trophy's.

Below is a photo of Dad (second from the right) presenting Jim Clark a trophy for the poll position at the Indianapolis 500 in 1965. Jim Clark ended up winning that year. Over Jim's shoulder is a man named Colin Chapman who was the head of Team Lotus. This was the first year for a rear engine car.Dad was very active for many, many years with the Indy 500. It was a passion of his,and as a banker he was in charge of many of the gates ticket sales,of course before computers came on the scene.
A year or so before he died he took a large number of them, removed the name plaques and donated them. He being the ever practical man never wasted anything, or accumulated an abundance of anything that simply wasn't necessary. Waste not want not could have been his motto, if he'd had one.

Just a small group of his much loved trophies

I have been racking my brain for ideas of how to incorporate these trophies into my home..... in a useful way not just on a shelf or stored away in a box.
Yesterday I stumbled upon a blog called Just Something I made. Cathe a graphic designer,crafter,and blogger shared a great idea. Re-purposed trophies , turning trophies into cupcake stands! What a marvelously, fun idea.

  First she took some yard sale trophies,took them apart,and then spray painted them silver.

 She then painted the bases in a bright, fun hot pink.


 I really like this idea because we could repurpose a few of them and then give them to family members as a fun way to remember Dad. I think this is better than just throwing them in a box and putting them in the basement. I know the first one I take apart I will feel as if I'm destroying one of his cherished objects. But I also know Dad's sensible logic ,and he would be proud that we are actually using them and that they serve a purpose!

The finished product
 Here are a couple other great ideas she had for old trophies.
A coat rack by Kate Pruitt. This would be so cute to use some of my son's baseball trophies and pass them down to their son's.
Wine bottle stoppers found in this months Country Living made by Shannon Vance and Robin Sweeney from their blog Stash Style. I know I love giving wine with a wine a nice wine bottle stopper as a gift. What would make it even more fun would be a stopper from a family trophy. This I hope to do soon ,and I hope when I do they turn out as good as these.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Putting My Shop Out There

         I'm not sure if I've mentioned that I have entered into advertising several months back. I feel it's so important to put yourself ,or your shop out there in order be seen. You can't sit and hope customers will find you,you have to try and get in front of them. It's also important to find the right places to show the world your products. I will say that I am as green as they come in this wonderful, wide web world. So trust me every day has been a learning experience.

Last year I found a wonderful blog and just started advertising there this month. It's called Mr. Goodwill Hunting and his name is Rashon Carraway. He is a decorator,stylist,and thrift hunter. He has it all, I like to call it the magic of creating a look,and a style from vintage, thrifted treasures!! I admire people like Rashon who have the vision to be able see just how wonderful these items will look in a room. They can see how a new coat of  paint or some new fabric can transpire something okay into something fabulous! This talent I do not have. I wish I did because I have just filled my basement with tons of items from my parents home that I hope to add to mine someday. But this will take some magic! So of course I'm hoping I can learn a few tricks from this talented stylish man.

Rashon has appeared many times on The Nate Berkus Show. I rarely have time to watch TV during that time of day, but if I know he will be appearing I always dvr it. He often travels and does speaking engagements in various areas of the country. I am hope, hope, hoping someday soon he will visit here in my area,Louisville Ky.That would be so much fun to actually get to meet him in person!

You can find him here at his blog, here on face book and here where he sells many of his great classy finds like the one below.

You can also find him here at my favorite place Pinterest. He has lots of boards full of items that reflect his style and charm.Stop by and say hi ,you will so enjoy your visit!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Wild Winter Weather

            Seriously, what is happening to our weather? This is the first of March and much of the country has suffered some of the most devastating storms and tornadoes we have ever seen!
On Friday March 2 we were told that a storm was coming that could possibly be the worst yet! I'm not sure if it's true in all areas of the country but in my area the weather forecasters can over exaggerate conditions to the point where you prepare and nothing can really be frustrating. But worse it can cause people to become rather laid back about preparing for bad weather.
But when we heard that Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel was in town and was broadcasting live from the Ohio river we all gasped! Noooo, this kind of changes things...... this could be serious!! Not only was Jim in town but dozens of storm chasers began to arrive. So we all knew at that point that it must be a very serious condition brewing out there.

Not that my son and I could really see much of what was happening since we were stuck inside the Kentucky Fairgrounds working our booth at the Home and Garden Show. Soon however it all became the topic on every ones mind, and luckily a booth near us had a TV turned to the local weather channel. It was there that we watched in horror as the storms moved through our community!
Here is a clip from this mornings ABC News Good Morning America on the devastation.

Our cell phones began ring continually from family members checking on us and asking us to come home. We didn't know whether to stay or go. Businesses were closing,schools were dismissing immediately. And we knew we only had a tiny window of time to decide. We also knew we took a huge risk whatever we decided. Driving home in the direction of these storms could mean that we could get caught in something on the highway.Or we could stay and find out if these huge buildings would hold up better than they did in 1974. Back then this area was destroyed by a tornado and believe me it was all we could think about!

Before we could make the decision the storm began to pass through our hometown area.
A small town about 25 miles from where we all live and work called Henryville was in the direct line of these enormous tornadoes. In just moments after the announcement of the tornado warning we heard the TV announcer say Henryville had been flattened........flattened! I just stared at the TV in disbelief. We know people who live there it can't be flattened. But it was true. In addition to Henryville another small rural town was badly destroyed as well called Marysville.

So many tragic stories have started to emerge. The news that a toddler had been found in a field alone but alive sent cold chills through all of us. Where was her family. Who was her family. Then we heard the news that her Mother,Father and two siblings all had perished in the storm. Yesterday we learned that little Angel Babcock had died. Her grandmother told a local station that just before she passed away she reached out her tiny arms as if someone was picking her up. I think her parents were there with her, and did just that!

Another story that will stay with me forever is about a young mother who went to pick up her children from school and ran immediately to the basement with them assuming it was the safest place. Her house was hit by what could be the same tornado that destroyed Henryville. She was found alive shielding her children but tragically the rafters from the house severely damaged her legs, the last I heard she lost both of her legs. Please read her story here as it appeared in The Courier Journal one of our local newspapers.
There's the story of a school bus driver who's quick thinking saves dozens of students on her bus. As she sees the tornado approaching she makes the decision to turn around and head back to the school to try and save their lives. She truly believed that this was the end for all of them. Just seconds before they all make it back inside the school building the tornado hits the school and destroys it! They all survived because of her.

Her name was Angel! The child that died and the school bus driver who is being hailed as a hero are both named Angel......that gave me cold chills!!
 One of our employees told us that while they were tarping up roofs they noticed huge holes everywhere in the ground. It was from the unbelievable hail that this evil storm produced..... the size of soft balls.
And as if all of this wasn't enough to deal with, this morning we woke up to 2 to 4" of snow!!SNOW! Jim Cantore said never has it ever been recorded that snow has ever followed a tornado out break!
So we have gone from tornadoes and severe storms on Friday with 70 degrees in March to snow this morning with morning temperatures of 33-34 degrees!

I'm certainly no doomsday person, but this sort of insanity really stops me in my tracks. It confirms what I already knew, that we are not in charge. At any given moment with absolutely no notice anyone of us could be gone!! As a women at the fairgrounds said to everyone standing in disbelief of the news," get yourself right people, get yourself right with the Lord, he's coming"