Thursday, March 8, 2012

Putting My Shop Out There

         I'm not sure if I've mentioned that I have entered into advertising several months back. I feel it's so important to put yourself ,or your shop out there in order be seen. You can't sit and hope customers will find you,you have to try and get in front of them. It's also important to find the right places to show the world your products. I will say that I am as green as they come in this wonderful, wide web world. So trust me every day has been a learning experience.

Last year I found a wonderful blog and just started advertising there this month. It's called Mr. Goodwill Hunting and his name is Rashon Carraway. He is a decorator,stylist,and thrift hunter. He has it all, I like to call it the magic of creating a look,and a style from vintage, thrifted treasures!! I admire people like Rashon who have the vision to be able see just how wonderful these items will look in a room. They can see how a new coat of  paint or some new fabric can transpire something okay into something fabulous! This talent I do not have. I wish I did because I have just filled my basement with tons of items from my parents home that I hope to add to mine someday. But this will take some magic! So of course I'm hoping I can learn a few tricks from this talented stylish man.

Rashon has appeared many times on The Nate Berkus Show. I rarely have time to watch TV during that time of day, but if I know he will be appearing I always dvr it. He often travels and does speaking engagements in various areas of the country. I am hope, hope, hoping someday soon he will visit here in my area,Louisville Ky.That would be so much fun to actually get to meet him in person!

You can find him here at his blog, here on face book and here where he sells many of his great classy finds like the one below.

You can also find him here at my favorite place Pinterest. He has lots of boards full of items that reflect his style and charm.Stop by and say hi ,you will so enjoy your visit!


  1. Was one of his ideas using the easel to hold a flat screen TV monitor...I love it! If I actually used my TV for much of anything beside DVDs for the g'kids or Wii I'd really consider doing that. Classy!

  2. Good luck Rebecca to this new venture of yours. You are so talented I am sure you will have success!

  3. Clever girl...I know the advertising has paid off for you! Happy Sunday, Rebecca - Tanya