Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Team Handmadeology

As I enjoy my lunch at work today,a delicious salad with blue cheese,walnuts and dried cranberries. I was reflecting on how we dodged a blizzard this week. Whew,and double Whew!!Boy we were very lucky! It came within one or two counties of us. Much of my family was effected however and many still remain home today,unable to go anywhere.Thankfully none of them have lost their power,though thousand have up in the Indianapolis area and further north have. This has sure been one interesting winter.Have any of you been affected by this recent storm,some are calling the storm of the century?

So as I chomp on my salad I am enjoying a peaceful moment ( because the boys are all out of the office)just cruising Etsy. It just makes me happy. A nice break from banking, boring computer work,and telemarketers.

I know I have said this before but gosh,there are so many great artists on Etsy. I just recently joined a team called Handmadeology.It's my first and since I am such a green bean to the Etsy world I had no idea what to expect or what I should do. This team has so many active and loyal members. They have put together oodles of treasuries all featuring Handmadeology team members. I was featured in several in just the last few that's a strong active group! So I felt it was my turn to step up and do my part.

Just For Fun is the name of my new treasury I put together today,all from members of this team.

Eccentricity is the name of this shop

This is from Robots Are Awesome,yes they are!

Adorable from Suzannes Pottery Farm on Etsy

Island Girl Pottery pendant,love the colors!

Great detail work from A Twist of Whimsy

Creative With Clay,this is too adorable,it screams buy me!

As I looked through trying to narrow it down to just 16 shops I discovered too many great treasures,some of which I feel I can't live without,again! So I put them in my favorites for later.The way things are going I'm going to need to hit the lotto to ever buy half of what I've found.
So if you find that you have some time to do a little Etsy cruising just go to my link above and check out these artists.Each visit could be a warm, feel good moment for you too,even without my delicious salad!


  1. Thank you for sharing these fantastic hand mades...hand made always looks so much more exciting and fun than something make in a factory!

  2. I agree with Theanne! I love that teapot!

    A shamless plug from me! I have a friend in LA, from high school....30+ years ago! Anyway, he just bought one of my hats as a gift to actress Allison Janey (West Wing)! Made my day!


  3. That tea pot is adorable!!! What creative people!! I'll have to check out that site. I love seeing things that other people come up with. (Your salad sounded yummy!) =)
    No snow here in Florida.....I think it's going to be 80 tomorrow!! I don't miss those huge snow storms. Stay cozy!!!
    Patti =)

  4. Blue Cheese and walnuts YUM! I too hang out at ETSY I have a store there and enjoy every moment of it. We have wet, rainy and cold. I think I will light the fire and candles and curl up and sew.