Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Day Of The Heart

        I love holiday's but I must admit I've never been a huge Valentine's Day person. I always made sure that I gave a small gift to the boys when they were small,a token of how much I loved them. Now with grandson's I want to make sure that they know how very much they live in our hearts.

For the girls I just had to make a heart that had been on my mind from a great blog called old grey mare primitives. I knew when I saw them that it would be a wonderful idea for my daughter in laws. I decided to simply use what I had, some old wool sweaters that I had felted.

I added old buttons and a knotted cord for hanging
 One for each girl to hopefully express how much I love them both. It reminds me of a gift from my Mom years ago of a similar type of Valentine. She added her special touch of two vintage hat pins that she knew I would love. She has been gone now for 17 yrs and I still miss her greatly.This much loved blue Valentine hangs in my closet on a cabinet door that holds many more small treasures and memories of her.
I received a sweet little handmade Valentine card in the mail from a blogger that I discovered a while back. She has a wonderful blog named  Rosy-Posy. I have so enjoyed visiting her blog,getting to know her and her family in this fun cyber world we bloggers live in. She has so many wonderful creative ideas to share. Do yourself a favor stop by and visit her and her family.
I love any art work done by children so I knew this would be too sweet, and it is! As an added plus the envelope (and I adore snail mail) from Canada had a fox stamp,my favorite little woodland creature.So it is a very special treat, Thank you Huber family very much!!

I hope everyone gets a Valentine from someone they love. If not, do something nice for yourself.

I send everyone love and warm hugs from my heart <3


  1. Happy early Valentines Day, Rebecca - DARLING hearts - LOVE the wool ones! Tanya

  2. Your felted hearts are so pretty...I love the one your Mom made and the hand print heart! Wishing you a Happy Day tomorrow!

  3. Like you, I've never put lots of emphasis on Valentine's Day. I'm pretty open when I love ANYONE and I don't hesitate to show & tell them I care ALL the time! LOL! But, again like you, I do try to give little tokens to people. Your felted hearts are just stunning! The grey touches MAKE the hearts! Sooooo pretty! Love the one your mom made, too! Happy Valentine's Day to you, Rebecca! I'm SO glad we connected! And I will connect via answering your email in just a bit! HUGS!

  4. Those are adorable!!! You are so creative! I like your new header picture! =)
    Happy Heart Day!

  5. Love those precious hands & heart. I'll save this idea for next year's Valentine's Day....we only got as far as tracing the hands! (photo on my blog!)
    Hugs, Heidi