Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pop Beads

       When I was a teenager back when dinosaurs roomed the Earth,(as my boys say) I had a passion for Pop Beads. Does any one else remember them? They weren't all that fancy just round colorful beads that simply popped together.I can remember having quite a few and I worn them a lot. I wore them along with my coordinating angora that I wrapped around my boyfriends class ring. Well now I'm showing my age. I wish I had kept some of them. Actually, I wish I had kept a lot of things from my childhood,this being just one that has been on my mind lately.
A while back Amy and I were shopping for the holiday's when we noticed in the toy department at Target a container of what I suspected to be Pop Beads!

Yes to my surprise and delight they are Pop Beads!! Aren't they just too cool! I sure hope I am not the only one who loves funky, crazy jewelry. Not that I wear all that much,after all I do work at a construction company and I am usually alone in the office. So no real need to dress up. But these delightful fun beads are an exception. I have to say I have enjoyed making different strands and wearing them several times.

You have the option to make rings and bracelets,be still my child like heart!
 Back years ago I watched a movie that I thought I wanted to grow up to be like. It's a rather odd role model for any one I'm sure you will think. But for me it just seemed right.It was a 1958 movie called Auntie Mame with Rosalind  Russell. She was self assured,successful,flamboyant, and boiling over with personality.I also loved the 1974 remake with Lucille Ball.What I took away from these movies was that I wanted to be like this woman full of life and wear wild and crazy clothes. No fear at all about life,but most of all I wanted to be unpredictable. I wonder if I watched it now if I would take away the same conclusion,but to me at that age I thought it was a hoot!
I never made it to that life style, but silly little beads like these reminds me of what I wanted to shoot for.

Excuse me while I go get my Auntie Mame on!!


  1. Oh how cute! I love the colors! These are fun fun fun!!

  2. I remember Pop Beads...I believe they came a little bit after my childhood...the kids were collecting them and playing with them when I was either a teenager or a young adult. Loved the color and the sound they made when popped apart!
    Thanks for the stirring my memories...

  3. I LOVED pop beads, and I LOVE THESE!!!! I am heading to Target tomorrow, to see if I can't find a container - these ROCK!!! And YOU ROCK, Mame! You made my evening!

  4. Oh, I DOOOOOO remember pop beads! I haven't thought of them in YEARS! How cool! And I cannot BELIEVE I'm not the only person who wanted to BE Auntie Mame! And for the very same reasons! LOL! I never saw the one with Lucille Ball, but I saw the Rosalind Russell one MANY times! What fun memories! HUGS!!!

  5. I had never heard of these beads until reading your post but I adore all the gorgeous color! Thank you for stopping by my page and for your lovely compliments! I became a follower of your page:)

    C'est La Vie

  6. I don't think that we had these in Greece but they sure look cute. Sorry about your cold. I think a giant cold floats over the North hemisphere. Stay warm and drink warm soups and drinks and you will feel better. Hang in there girl!

  7. The necklace is so cute! It goes perfect with the white blouse! I've never played this before at my young time, but i think it is fun to play with even at my age now, haha.
    The picture of your grandson as the header is so cool! :)