Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Wish For More Creative Time

          Another week gone and still very little time spent crafting!! I love weekends and don't we all live for them,but they seem to be a blur of activities that rarely include crafting. It's as if my eyes open up on Saturday morning with the wide eyed excitement of a leisure day of sewing and crafting in my sleepy pants (sweats mostly but sleepy pants sounds cozier). Then before you know it some evil bad guy hits the fast forward button....and ZOOM it's bed time Sunday night! As I shut the lights off and head to bed my eyes look over at all the unfinished projects just waiting for that next magical Saturday..............from another dimension.
Okay enough whining I did complete a new item for my shop a few weeks ago.I need to set aside the time to put it on the shelf of my shop. But again it's been the whole time issue....okay I promise not to go there again.
A little flower pot with a felt poppy from my imagination. The bloom is removable and comes with a seed packet and a plant sprout for a more realistic learning process. Kids can pretend to plant the seeds and then plant the sprout and before long a pretty flower is born!Since I don't have the greenest of thumbs this is one flower I can grow. I think play and learning should go hand and hand with kids. Learning where our food comes from or the process of growing flowers is important for kids.

 My Felt garden provides another opportunity for kids to learn about where their food comes from. It comes with soil to again plant seeds and then play as if the plants have grown from small seedlings. There are tomato plants,cabbage,leaf lettuce,radishes,snow pea plants with removable pea pods,carrots,and a strawberry plant. It also has a watering can,a garden shovel,a seed packet,and a scarecrow.

Watering can,garden shovel,seed packet

Snow Peas plant with removable pea pods

A radish,carrot,leaf lettuce,cabbage,and a plant sprout

Strawberry Plant
 I love creating for kids. Fun unusual items that could spark imagination and make learning fun. I guess we all make things that spark the little part of us that just hasn't grown up and I hope never does.


  1. The flower and the garden are one of the cutest ideas I've seen! What a novel way to introduce kids to the way things grow and harvesting after they've grown...lots of imagination!

  2. These are some of the most creative pieces I believe I have seen - thanks for breaking it down this way - I've seen it in the shop, but enjoyed the up close descriptions. You ROCK, Rebecca - Tanya

  3. VERY impressive my goodness.

    I'll return the favor and suggest you should teach some of these ideas in classes at your home like I have in the past. great money there too : D


  4. Rebecca, these are WONDERFUL! I taught for 22 years, & my students would have really loved learning about plants this way! As for creative time, I totally understand what you are saying! It seems there are never enough hours for the fun stuff! You, however, have made the most of YOUR time! LOVE your felt creations! HUGS from your friend, Kai!

  5. Such cute designs, I'm popping over to your shop to check things out!

  6. ahh ! these are sooo adorable !

    i love the little sprout & funky scare-crow !

    & ive gotta say, that is a very clever way to teach your kids responsibility and of agriculture. major props

  7. They are so beautiful. Agreat lesson for children. Check out my post, I posted about the award you gave me. Thanks again Rebecca!

  8. My weekends sound a lot like yours! I am often in amazement at how some people crank out the projects. Love your poppy and plants! Too cute!!

  9. I think we all wish for more time for our creative endeavors, I do.
    The teaching garden project is so wonderful, I wish I still had a little in the house for this one! Thanks for sharing your beautiful crafties.

  10. Oh I know how you feel. I work too...and I only have one day a week to do any of my fun projects. For the past two weeks I have had to use my one day for other (less fun) things! *sigh* I have so many projects! (as you know..that bathroom project)...and others swimming around in my head! Sometimes I can't fall asleep!!! So...I totally understand! I love your felt garden! That is awesome!!!!!

  11. Honey that is art in a pot for sure. The strawberries are my favorite they remind me old strawberry pin cushions.

    Thanks for visiting me