Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where did the year go?

My husband photo in our local paper many years ago
 My Mother was right, time does move faster as you age.Maybe it's just aging that makes time become more precious. Either way I am once again shocked that another year is gone, and another Christmas has flown by.

Our tree is still up, and most likely will be until after the new year arrives. With all of the work and stress of the season over I've actually found a few moments to sit, and enjoy the sparkle of the tree. I should tell you when it comes to sparkles and glitter, I have a slight addiction. I'm always on the look-out for ways to add glitter to most any project,but especially at the holidays. My husband once told me that my Native American totem must be a crow,since they also love "sparkles".

 We are attending a small family and friends New Years Eve party this year ,and I wanted to bring a little something for the hostess. The plan to have the party was hatched kind of at the last minute. Even though everyone is pitching in, I still know that with little time to prepare it can frazzle the nerves of any good hostess.
I decided that entering a store at this present moment to do any form of shopping was totally out of the question. After the whirl wind of this Christmas season I don't plan to shop unless it's for necessities of survival, like food and magazines.
So I began to pull out my stash of left over craft supplies for some inspiration.

Whenever the family opens their gifts, I tend to dive on all reusable bows, tissue paper, and ribbon. This year I seemed to end up with an abundance of goodies.I also have an abundance of empty tissue boxes. This time of year is of course the annual cold and flu season ,and someone around here is usually sneezing.

When this idea came to mind, I had intended to add some tiny family photos from 2010. I had envisioned using some darling scrapbook frames I've held on to. Of course once again on my trip home from work, I forgot to stop and pick up my selected photos I ordered.

Out of shear aggravation with myself, I decided to just start the process,and see where it takes me.
First, I covered the empty tissue box with a piece of white, glittery, scrapbook paper. Then I filled the box with pieces of Styrofoam so my skewers would have a way to stand up. Being an avid crafter I usually always have tons of pipe cleaners, especially sparkly ones. So I wrapped several wooden skewers and placed them into the Styrofoam base. I still had some fabulous glittery card stock letters from the creation of our new Christmas sacks,to spell out HAPPY NEW YEAR.

It was at this point I knew it needed a lot of help to give it the party flare. As I was cleaning up my glittery mess,a small tree in my guest bedroom caught my eye. Actually the small glittery ornaments drew my attention. So I thought why not pop the metal hanger off and attach the glass bulb to the wooded skewers. For the final over the glittery edge I added a wire star tinsel around the box.

I hope it has a fun sparkly New Years look. A look that hopefully says, 2010 you are gone, but not forgotten. 2011 we welcome you with open arms praying you will bring us a peace filled, and prosperous New Year for everyone!



  1. Look how creative you are! Another sparky beautiful thingy to look at after the Chirstmas tree, great for deco at any corner. Oh and i think your hb's photo is cute haha.

  2. Hi, Rebecca! I LOOOOOVE sparkles! And your creations are both sparkly AND beautiful! I'll tell you another thing I've already figured out about you from reading your posts - YOU are sparkly & beautiful, inside & out! I look forward to returning and reading back all the way to your blog's beginning! That way I can get to know you! HUGS & SMILES to you and your family! Kai

  3. Oh, Rebecca - I LOVE this! Happy New Year to you, too - let's hope this one can be slowed down just a bit, and enjoyed a little more...I'm certainly going to try. Tanya

  4. Another sparkle lover here, your glittery box is PERFECTION!!! Wishing you and yours a Happy Joyous Peaceful Sparkly New Year!

  5. Altered anything spakleeeeeee is wonderful

    I hope my New Year will be as good as this one in 2010.

    Happy new Year to you and yours


  6. Oh this is just beautiful!! I love all of the sparkle :) Happy New Year to you and your family.

  7. I have a friend who says glitter is her favorite color.
    Recently I've been thinking of how when I was young, people that I thought were old always talked about time moving fast. Now, it's me. It seemed like yesterday I got out all of my Christmas stuff and it's now time to put it all back.
    Lovely sparkle in a box.

  8. Oh boy, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the sparkle! Happy Creative New Year!

  9. This would be lovely on a fancy dining table. LOVE IT!