Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Enjoying Books At Christmas

I love to read and during the holiday's I like to find a book centered around a Christmas theme. Last year I read a fun light hearted novel called On Strike for Christmas by author Sheila Roberts. A group of women in a knitting circle, who begin to feel unappreciated by their husbands for all the hard work that goes into Christmas. So when their husbands begin their annual Bah Humbug ways these wives decide to go on strike. They inform their husbands that if there is going to be a holiday at all, then they will have to do it themselves. That's when the fun begins!

 It got me to thinking. What would our holidays look like if our husbands had to do it all? The decorating, the shopping,the wrapping,not to mention the cooking. Do you think Christmas cards would ever be mailed out?  I must admit that my husband is very helpful,but the bulk of the holiday preparation does fall on most wives.
Not many of us would be brave enough to simply turn it all over to the men in our lives.
But it is a rather funny thought.

Giving and receiving books at Christmas time is something I treasure. Two favorites I love to give as gifts are Snowflakes by Kenneth Libbrecht and A Cup Of Christmas Tea by Tom Hegg. The Snowflakes book has the most beautiful photos of actual snowflakes from all over the world. Believe it or not they are different in different regions. It certainly is enough alone, but I especially like to present  it with a snowflake ornament .

A Cup Of Christmas Tea always brings me to tears when I read it.I is such a sweet story of a man who feels forced to visit his elderly Aunt at Christmas. During that dreaded visit wonderful memories come fooding back. It is written so beautifully and is such an easy read that it should become a traditional book to read to children like Twas the night before Christmas.Pair that with tea cups and favored tea and it makes a great present for anyone.I have even given this to a pastor at our church before, in a basket filled with goodies.

This leads me to another Christmas tradition we try to enjoy every year. A bit different from the others ,and that is  Davis Sedaris Live at Carnegie Hall. I haven't ever read the book assuming it is available as a book,we have it in a CD. The best part is, David Sedaris the author is the reader.Trust me it is hysterical from beginning to end. The relationship between himself and his siblings is a hoot!

Our favorite part ,is the story he tells about when he travels abroad.There two questions he always likes asks the locals. They're questions he feels helps him get to know the people and their culture.
The first question is :What does your rooster say? Ours of course is cockadoodledo, but other countries have a totally different sound.
The second question is:When do you open your Christmas presents? That question then leads into the funniest story of all. It's a story you will remember and laugh every time you think of it.This CD has fast become our family's favorite.We especially enjoy it when we have to travel very far by car. 

Several years ago we had the great opportunity to meet Mr. Sedaris in Louisville Ky, at Carmichaels Bookstore on Frankfort Ave. We even had my grandson Patrick with us who loves his CD as much as we do. He had prepared to read several stories to this large crowd when he was told a younger fella was in the audience. Some of his books can be more adult than others,however Patrick has only listen to this one paticular CD. I think my grandson was just excited to get to meet a successful comedic author.

So Mr. Sadaris changed what he was going to read, which was very kind, and that made it possible for us to stay. I must say that evening was a lot of fun, and a great story for another time.We all joked on the way home that David Sedaris might remember this visit to Louisville, as well as his few minutes meeting us .

Just writing about this has made me laugh out loud in my office. So now if you will excuse me I must go and enjoy a little David Sadaris family tradition.


  1. I'm so happy to learn about these stories with Christmasy themes...I'm going to try to find them so I can read them too...and I want to hear the CD, humor is always a good thing...Thanks so much for sharing about these!!!

  2. ok i broke down and started reading on strike for Christmas. I let you know if I like it.