Friday, December 10, 2010

Creative Friday

Use what you have,that's a thought that today's economy brings to mind. When I need something I try to make sure I don't already have enough materials around the house first, before I head out to the craft store.
So I went to my ever growing stash of goodies. You know what that is,most crafter's have them, fabric scraps,salvaged trims, buttons, a little of this or that left over from previous projects. You keep them because you just know you will need them someday,for something.
So I decided to make a tree with some left over scraps of burlap from an old coffee sack. Then I discovered these snowflake buttons I had bought on a sale a while back. I just knew that they would be handy to have someday. The Styrofoam cone was in the craft closet from last year. I honestly can't remember what I had planned to make. An idea came to mind of a rustic little tree to help dress up my master bathroom.
First I wrapped a 3" strip of burlap around the base of the cone,pinning it in place.
Next I cut the coffee sack scrap into small squares and rectangles. Some of the pieces I folded in half and used a rather long straight pin to attach it to the cone. Some I folded twice into a point and pinned them to the cone. I found it handy to add a drop of white glue to the pin to help it stay in place. I love how the burlap begins to fray and leaves so many uneven edges. Then I added the white snowflake buttons here and there for a great contrast effect.
I was hoping I might have a perfect red or gold bead for the star. However all I could find was a large green glass bead from an old beaded tassel.I put it on top of a couple natural colored, flat wooded beads to help raise it up high.They are attached to the top of the tree with a sparkly glitter pipe cleaner.

When you combine contrasts like burlap with the grace of a stark white snowflakes,well now that is eye catching. I now wish I had added some sparkly beach glass, ice like glitter,and a paper garland cut from some old book pages. Well that just means one thing,I must make another one.
So I think it adds a tad bit of charm to a small corner of my bath.Especially surrounded with a vintage  glittered house and a few of God's gifts from the sea.


  1. Very clever - and the end result looks fabulous! I never thought of Christmas in my bath, but I'm convinced now. Looks great, Rebecca - happy weekend...Tanya

  2. a Christmas vignette (for the bathroom), I LIKE it!!! I like creating small scenes when I decorate...sometimes a scene draws attention more than a single object...and I love shells and rough textures!!! I love your Christmas vignette!!!

  3. It's not creative Friday, but creative everyday! That's a very good idea to use what you have to make this decor. Feel so christmasy even in the tub, haha. By the way, i still like your Santa very much!! Happy weekend :)

  4. Great! Now I'm supposed to decorate the bathroom? That's where we put everything that is replaced by the Christmas stuff. The pressure, the pressure, aaarrrrgggghhhh!!! You and your amazing energy will put me in my grave.