Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spending My Christmas Dollars On Handmade This Year

I have spent an enormous amount of time shopping on Etsy lately. There is so much talent out there it amazes me. I so envy all of the artists who make a living doing what they love.

The piece I ordered today. Can't wait for him to arrive!

Today I found an artist who fulfills two of my passions. The first is pages from old books,I am always drawn to objects with words, handwritten or typed. The second, is woodland animals,especially a red fox. My interest really started when I actually saw one while driving down a road in the city limits, where you would never expect to see one. Since I haven't ever seen one in the wild before, this one seemed quite tall. He ( not sure male or female) had a beautiful red coat and four black legs which looked like he was wearing boots. He wasn't skiddish, in fact he seemed totally unaffected by my presense as I slowed down to get a better look..

I haven't seen him since in that area,so I often wonder where he went ,and how he came to be there in the first place.

I have become an accidental collector of  another character,Alice in Wonderland, especially the Mad Hatter. My office ( at my day job) is slowly becoming a museum of sorts. Among my small collection of paper toys I now have gained several Alice's,Mad Hatter's, and White Rabbits.

I must say I did mention to my daughter in law that she has an awesome Queen of Hearts.I do enjoy it all .The childhood innocence of it all brightens my day and makes me smile. That's important when your day job is in the field of construction. Now that's a story all on it's own trust me!

You can find her incredible shop on etsy here called Fauxkiss..Please visit her shop, and while there do some shopping for Christmas. I have to say cyber shopping can save a ton of time, the one thing I am always running short on.


  1. I really like the old prints on the old dictionary pages...such imagination! It just occurred to me that I should look on Etsy for homemade wooden toys for my grandson...And how is ~your~ Etsy Shop progressing?

  2. I actually not very sure what is that you ordered, but the print do looks good :)

  3. I live in the suburbs of Atlanta in an area that has been fully developed for 25 years. We have foxes and coyotes. Don't let your cats or small dogs out in my neighborhood. Being in the suburbs maybe it's not quite as strange as the time a fox was found wandering on the loading dock of a very large building in downtown Atlanta. I love that wild animals are not bothered by the wild animals that walk on two feet. Their ancestors were here before we were.

  4. I got your Queen of hearts in. You can't get it till Christmas though.