Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So Nice To Be Appeciated

       We as humans may all be diverse in where we come from and what we do in life. Bloggers are a fun glimpse of people from all over the world. We quickly become friends through our blog welcome mats. These welcome mats say come as you are, you are always welcome here.
We get it.
We respect it.
We understand the huge step it is to put yourself out there. The deep desire to communicate, to share our beliefs,our ups and downs and our creative ideas and creations. I know that we may not all share the same beliefs but one thing I thing I think we can agree on, is how wonderful it is to be appreciated.

So when someone in my carved out blogosphere gives me an award of appreciation....I gotta tell ya, it makes me feel like a million bucks.

Writing a blog is a lot of hard work. Finding the time can be a huge hurdle to jump.Most of us wear many hats throughout the day so being able to squeeze in some time to write something interesting, as well as visually appealing can be tough. Searching for ideas is a challenge I think we all struggle with,or maybe it's just me. But I have to say I try to look at my posts from a first time reader's point of view. I may not ever get close to what it takes to be a great blog,my grammer and spelling may be at a first grade level at best ,but I promise I will keep trying because I'm hooked!

Once you start a blog, no photo or activity is ever viewed the same.We look at everything with  different eyes.....it's like our eyes now have a blog lenses over them.

I know that each time someone makes the decision to follow me and my blog,I am humbled. I appreciate that gesture so much that it makes me work that much harder.

So to receive an award from a fellow blogger really stops me in my tracks, and makes me collect my thoughts. It took me a year to make the decision to take the blog step, a step I am so glad I took! If you are a first time reader and are sitting on the fence of whether to start yours....my advice is......do it! But always be open, be respectful, but most of all, be true to who you are.

So I want to thank a very sweet blogger Stephanie from  The Starving Artist at Edible Arts who has a delightful blog.....that I think should really have a warning sign at the very top saying.....WARNING THIS BLOG IS DANGEROUSLY DELICIOUS !!! Because it really is! She has a talent for writing that makes you want to come back. She has an incredible talent for photography.But the bottom line is her recipes will make your mouth water.....and I promise you they taste as good as her photos. I was going to include a picture I took of her Vanilla Pancakes that I have made several times ,but I can't capture how good they are in my photos. So go check them out for yourself.

I have to say between Stephanie at The Starving Artist and Katerina from Culinary Flavors I'm never stumped for a good meal idea!

As a foot note I am to select 15 deserving bloggers to pass the torch to. I have struggled with this. It is next to impossible for me since I am an addicted blogger. So (drum roll please) I nominate EVERYONE on my list of favorite blogs....PLEASE, PLEASE go check them all out...you will feel as if you have traveled the planet and met a lifetime's worth of great people!
Happy Blogging =)


  1. Rebecca,I couldn't agree more. Blogging opens my eyes and mind. Through it I know lots of friends and craft ideas and ways of living. Love reading your blog.

  2. Rebecca you're one sweet lady...you care so much about people...it's why I was attracted to your blog in the first place. Can't remember how I got here but I know why I stayed! When you gave me The Stylish Blogger Award...I picked only one person this time I'm going to follow your lead and give to all on my list of favorite blogs. Thank you Rebecca!

  3. I suppose that means me... Thank you! :D I appreciate it. Thank you for choosing to follow my blog! :D

    Taylor Lynn <3

  4. aww , Rebecca, thank you so much for those kind words, very much appreciated! (:

    youre amazing! <3

  5. Hehe Rebecca you mean the award goes to me as well. Aw, you're such a sweet lady. Thank you! And congrats to you too ;)

  6. Thank you so much Rebecca for your kind words! Your blog is such an inspiration for me! I love what you make with your hands and I always thought that people who have artistic hands have also artistic heart! Be always in good health you and your beloved ones!Congratulations for the award, you really deserve it!

  7. You are just one of the sweetest people EVER. I am going back out of town till the Thursday before Easter, but wanted to stop by here & visit. Glad I DID! Rebecca, you DEFINITELY deserve awards! Really! I'm SO proud to 'know' you through Blogland! HUGS!!!!

  8. It is hard, blogging. Hours of work. And then you're never sure anybody actually reads it . . .

    Bless the commenters. They are all getting extra points towards heaven -