Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Arrival of Spring Catalogs

You know there's a change of season coming when you get a burst of catalogs in your mail. I adore all of the gardening ones I usually recieve. After such a cold and snowy Winter I think all of us are ready for Spring gardening,especially those of us who live in the East and Mid-West.
Here are a few of my favorite new arrivals Garden Catalog by Lee Valley is a great one for absolutely everything you might need for flower or vegetable gardening. They also have  a wonderful online catalog that you can flip through or print.I perfer an actual book to hold and dream about all I want to do (or get my husband to do).

This is from an article about the company

A bounty of edible shiitake mushrooms ready for harvest
In their recent newsletter you can sign up for they discuss how to grow and harvest your own edible shiitake mushrooms. How cool would that be.Gosh that brings back memories of mushroom hunting with my grandmother as a kid,delicious!

Another catalog I buy from every year is Vermont Wildflower Farm in Vermont.They have by far the best seeds than any other I have experienced. They tell me it's because theirs have no filler seeds that could contain grasses and weeds,YUCK!! I have enough of those on my own.

A sample of their wildflowers

You can pick wildflowers that are best for your area of the country. They have helped me so much on how much I need for a paticular area,and I have never been disappointed,year after year! I noticed that they also have woodland and rare species of plants and seeds as well as veggies and herbs. So much fun to make plans for spring plantings.
Another catalog I have bought from many times is The Country House. I wish I had some photos to show you but trust me they have some awesome items.Check out their antique reproductions section,I so want the vintage painted pail 'n shovel. It would be so cute for my front porch.I have bought so many things from them especially to use when we built and participated in our area's Home Show's and Parade of Homes.

Finally I want to tell you about a huge favorite of mine MacKenzie-Childs. I have loved this designer,shop owner for years.The first time I saw her was in a magazine,I think it was in Victoria Magazine many years ago. I must confess I have never bought anything from this catalog.....but boy do I want to! My home isn't really decorated around her style,but that's why I love having a cottage and an office where I can do whatever I want.My office (in my day life) is whimsical so it would be a good fit.

A foot stool too cute to put your feet up on

Now honestly,aren't these just too much fun?! I hope you go and look at all of the delicious EYE candy she has in her beautiful catalog. On a dreary overcast day like we're having today,these catalogs can brighten your day.
The items I am leaning toward buying are her delightful handbags! So different, so whimsical and just so much fun.

Check this bag out is it gorgeous

Cell phone holder

I know the photos aren't the best....but aren't these just to cute? Take a few minutes, grab your cup of tea and cruise these wonderful on line catalogs. They are a sure sign Spring is really just around the corner.


  1. I just love pouring over garden cataloges- stirs the garden fires!

  2. Garden catalogs are just the best things...I'm on none of their lists right get "0"
    >:( I'm thinking of buying some grow lights so I can grow things in my second patio has so little shade and the sun/heat is brutal here in Florida in the summer. Growing indoors for veggies and herbs might just be the best thing I could do. Love the glitz and glam of MacKenzie-Childs, going over to check them out now...thanks for sharing!

  3. ooh, pretty items!
    ahhh, speaking of gardening, i wrote a post yesterday, where i talked a bit of my 2 new plants!
    ahhh, im excited, cant wait till my fruit plants bloom :D.
    i bought a baby tomato & strawberry plant,
    the strawberries are already showing a few small berries already!

    i wonder if they'll be good to eat...

  4. hey reb,
    ive got an award for you, i hope you can drop by my blog and pick it up & see the little message i wrote for you as well~~ (: