Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Couple of New Items

          Yesterday I had this silly thought that I would do a wordless Wednesday that I have seen other blogs do. I have always thought that was so different and often left you thinking,or pondering a deep thought. I've so enjoyed the ones that were sweet and touching and silent!  Shoot, I don't think I could ever be wordless or speechless or silent for that matter. I looked at dozens of photos but nothing seemed to be strong enough to stand on it's own.....without my two cents! I am a jabber-box to say the least. So that idea quickly flew went out the window.
I wanted to just poke my head in here and show you all a couple of new things. First is my son's newest member of  his family.

His name is Louie and he weights a whole whopping 2lbs! Louie's been spending his days here at the office with us. The guys are in and out all day so it's been mostly me and Louie....and he is a real sweetie. He naps on my lap in a baby blanket. Then we take little walks as soon as he wakes and stretches. It's been years since I have potty trained a puppy.We even added him to our latest commercial we just finished shooting yesterday. It's very funny to see one of these rough and tough construction guys holding little Louie. 
Harrison and Arnold the Goldendoodle when he was a puppy

Arnold is huge now. He's also a big fluffy walking carpet!
 My son also has a standard size Goldendoodle and boy do these two look comical together. I need a photo of the two of them but they won't sit still.....imagine that!

The other new item is a fall center piece I just completed. It's really my first item that isn't a toy and isn't for children. Well children could use it but I doubt they would be excited about a circle of stones with pumpkins and gourds.

I hope to finish a few more items real soon....but Louie and I have sooo much to do right now!;)


  1. Hi Rebecca - got your note...glad the flowers arrived, and so happy that you have a use for all three! Thanks again...

    Your centerpiece is beautiful...clever idea - but the puppy is KILLER! I have a Golden Ret. named Joe, and a chihuahua named VOLTRON! (WITH an exclamation mark). Always having had big dogs, when my son (who is also named LOUIE) brought him home, I NEVER expected something that tiny to make such a great dog.

    I truly think that having been raised with my big guy helped...he now thinks he is an 85 lb. dog! :-) Enjoy him - both your puppies there are darling!

    Thanks again, Rebecca - enjoy your day - XOXO

  2. Louie is way too cute!
    The gourd and stone centerpiece is beautiful! Love it.

  3. Louie is ADORABLE! So teeny & sweet looking! And WOW! Your centerpiece is wonderful! How on earth do you DO all that you do? I'm in awe!