Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Spooky and Fun Halloween Craft

          I know it's still warm and sunny,but fall and Halloween are just around the corner.So I wanted to share a great item I just discovered on a fun facebook/blog page. I think this would be such a cute item to make and add to your decor,or to give to some special little kiddos for trick or treat.
The blog is called Just Something I Made. Cathe the author and creator is so talented and creative....I have spent a lot of time at her blog home. How does she have the time to do all the creative things she does and run such a fun blog! You all know my struggle with finding enough time to do it all.

I have a love of paper crafts so this idea is on my to do list. It will be perfect for the Labor Day weekend with the grand-kiddos. I also had planned to have them paint large rocks to look like ghosts for us to place outside in the flower beds. So now I am running out to the craft store to pick up some supplies...then I will head home to pack for our vacation (which I plan to share with you all soon). OK soooo I will need to remember my bone folder and sharp paper scissors. I have to tell you ( this aggravates my husband ha ha),but I have often forgot to pack many clothing items,and food and such when we head down to our cabin ,but never ever have I forgot to pack my craft supplies.....well after all you have to have your priorities!!


  1. Hi, Rebecca! It's me - Kai - & I'm quickly writing from the ONE place (off the rez) with internet. I just emailed you but recalled you said you have email trouble sometimes so thought I'd write here, too. I spoke with my housemate yesterday & he said he mailed my box to you yesterday morning via UPS. It will be delivered before day's end on Thursday the 8th. The tracking # is in the email I just sent you! I'm not comfy putting it here. I just saw where you are going on vacation, so if you won't be home maybe a neighbor will keep an eye out for the UPS delivery guy & pick it up for you. Sorry if this causes you a headache! I didn't know you were going on vacation or I would have told him to wait about mailing it, or mail it USPS. It's a big old box so I hope someone will get it! Anyway - my cousins are finished shopping & hurrying me up so we can go back to the rez! LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this idea. I love making little houses as gift boxes so I might try this one.