Friday, November 5, 2010

Treasure instead of trash

It easily pulls out. Now just remove the sticky tabs
Side view showing the cute picture
I was recently cleaning my desk in my office and was about to toss a Puffs tissue box in the trash. It was one I had bought from their Halloween collection. On one side it has a hologram picture I think it's called.You know where if you move the picture the characters move or change. I noticed I could easily tear the picture out to save. Not exactly sure what I plan to do with them, but I now have three set aside. Since I have three grandson's I think next year they could make a great addition to some handmade cards for Halloween. I think I do have some pack rat tendency, not to a bad, scary, family intervention level.....but sometimes trash can really become a wonderful free treasure!
I will let you all know.

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