Saturday, November 20, 2010

A headband Play Hat

 Last summer while having dinner on vacation my youngest grandson Preston was given a paper pirate hat as we walked in the restaurant. Of course as usual his broke almost immediately. He was so sad because it was different then he had before and he was having so much fun that day. We all will forever love Nags Head North Carolina. I secretly tucked that torn hat into one of my many sewing bags for a future project idea. I completely forgot about it and just recently found it while cleaning out a very over stuffed sewing bag.

I decided to make a felt headband type hat that won't tear as you put it on. I then thought what about one for girls. Now girls that is a foreign land to me since I have only sons and grandsons. Well I guess that isn't entirely true. I do have an adorable niece, but at 14 I think she is a little too old now for hats and crowns.

 Wearing his new pirate hat,a tad sideways

a princess crown
After I finished this Preston said "Nana make me a birthday hat for my next birthday".
So it's on to the next idea! Birthday hats and crowns may be the next tradition I hope to make.


  1. You did those hats?? Wow, they are really lovely! And i see you have a lot of ideas to share in your blog (yes i love projects too:). Btw, thank you for your comments on my previous post. Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. LOVE the pirate hat - I'll bet your grandson did, too. And the crown...a girl can never have too many tiaras. I purchased a book this summer, called "Crowns & Tiaras", FULL of some pretty great, homemade ideas for some pretty whimsicle headwear. I think a group of us here are going to have to have a grownup tiara party, soon!

  3. I think everyone should wear a crown or a tiara at least once a year.oh that book sounds great, I will look for it on Amazon.Thanks for the tip I really appreciate it!