Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Etsy shop,finally

I have finally taken the huge step and opened my Etsy shop last night. I have worried and fretted over this. My mind would recite "do I have my photos right"..."what about shipping"..."am I pricing my items correctly" and a dozens other reasons why I had remained frozen and not moving forward.

Hopewell Creek Designs first Etsy item
Then I decided just do it! Any mistakes I make, well I will simply chalk it up to the learning process. My mind knows that my cup is half full,but my brain will pour out some, and say "see it's almost empty". Well someone in this family has to be the worrier,so I guess it's me!

So now I'm focusing on what to add to the shop next.....but, oh no my brain just said "what if your shop isn't up and running yet?" Well little brain, they did say it could take 24 hours. "what if no one ever buys anything?" Well know it all brain, I will keep trying, and I will never stop creating because it brings me joy.
Take that brain!


  1. Rebecca - the campfire is pretty wonderful - congrats on joining the ranks of Etsy. If you log in, and go to Your Etsy, down the left hand side there is a heading that says PROMOTE.

    Under that there is a blue line that says Etsy Mini. If you follow the instructions there, you can drop that link into your blog sidebar and it will show what you have for sale, and provide a direct link to your store from the blog.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Rebecca...visiting your site and wondered how to find your Etsy Shop...was hoping maybe you had a frog or two in felt that I could use in the bathroom I've decorated for the grandkids! Let me know...I'm the "follower" with the big yellow lily...thanks Theanne

  3. Isn't it amazing how we are all so intimidated by new ventures? Your Etsy shop is wonderful. The last time I checked you had just one photo. I love everything on it! I'm sure that your sales will be great. I posted info about your new shop and blogspot. I also included a photo from your Etsy shop without your permission. Oops! I hope you don't mind. I just wanted my followers to see an example of the wonderful work that you do.

  4. That felt campfire is just fantastic!! Good job on opening your etsy shop. I think it's great to try new things, especially the ones we are a little intimidated by.