Friday, November 5, 2010

The creek behind our house has been such a fascination to all of us.Ever since Amy our daughter in law found an arrowhead we have been addicted with treasure hunting. The boys would be down there all the time if we let them,especially in the summer. We keep a box in the barn with their boots and buckets and tools all for exploring.I have to admit they have found some great fossils down there. But for some reason we have found lots of rocks that have a perfect circle cut out in them, or a concave area like a bowl shape. Then it seems we will find a perfectly round rock that can fit. I will gather these up and photograph them, because they are unusual.
I just had a thought. I have stamps for scrapbooking that when they are heated and then pressed against a surface it makes a reverse copy as a stamp. It then will stay that way until it is heated again to be removed or redone. I think this would be a great craft idea with the kiddos. That way we can share our great finds with eveyone in some pictures or gift wrap and tags.
Don't ya just love new craft ideas!

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