Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Persimmons,Pumpkins & Pies

I so love the fall season. It really looked as if this fall wasn't going to be very pretty,blamed on the drought we have had. However as the season progressed suddenly the colors began to show.

 There was one particular morning while driving into the office that was most spectacular. The sun was so bright that morning, and was just beginning to peek over the tree tops. It was quite a sight to see as it  lit up a group of trees with their bright crimson red leaves. So bright they almost appeared on fire. It made a repetitive, mundane drive into work so much more enjoyable. I wish I could have snapped a photo, but I don't believe it would have done it justice.

Halloween was a wonderful day with the kiddos, each one in his costume and anxious to hit the street and scream TRICK OR TREAT! My oldest grandson who is now 15,and much too old to beg for candy, was encouraged to come up with a costume to hand out candy. And boy did he, four little letters written across his face.... BOOK. As my niece Lindsey said it best, the idea was BRILLIANT!!! ( even though he borrowed it from The Office). The funny part is not one of his friends figured it out. Oh how I love teenagers, they make me laugh daily.

So now with Halloween behind us it's on to Thanksgiving! So much to do. Dig out those serving platters and dishes. Shopping, cleaning and preparing for our family to all be together. It is a busy day for sure, and then it's up at the crack of dawn to kick off the Christmas shopping extravaganza. There's a menu to put together ,even though it seems we always serve the same basic dishes. I try to add something new each year.....but traditional dishes are sacred to most families, and never more than on Thanksgiving.

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