Monday, May 2, 2011

The Rainy Season

          Spring has arrived and so has the rainy season with a vengeance. Here in the Kentuckiana (that's southern Indiana and northern Kentucky)area we are use to flooding in the spring but this year has been unbelievable. As I've talked about before I work for my son's construction company,Will'z Construction and Remodeling. I'm not sure I've ever mentioned that he also has a sister company called Restrotech Disaster Services Inc which does the obvious.....disaster work. We pump out basements and repair/replace roofs as well as mold remediation,and fire.....and the ever popular sewage clean-up. We have on occasion I hate to say have done clean-up after a suicide/murder. These are not pleasant jobs but they are jobs that have to be done. Boy could I write a novel about my day job!

These last two weeks have been absolutely insane with calls for emergency services.Never enough time or enough people to cover it all.We all have been running on empty.....actually now I think I'm running on fumes.
On top on the storms my son saw an opportunity to acquire a flooring store and quickly remodeled our existing shop and added a flooring show room. Like I didn't already have enough on my plate GEZ!! Friday was our Grand Opening and it was very successful.
I must admit this really wasn't what I had intended to write about.I wanted to share that our Easter was wonderful. We were lucky enough to have a break in the weather so our confetti egg war was a huge success. I am still sweeping up tiny remnants of confetti all over the house. This will continue for a while I must say.
This was our nieces first time and I think she looks ready!

The bad thing was we had a limited area due to flooding near the creek.

I worried that I didn't have enough eggs for everyone,but it seemed to work out just fine. I don't believe anyone left without some "Luck" in their hair. They say a confetti egg cracked on your head will bring you good luck in the up coming year......lots of lucky people left that day Ha Ha!
Spreading the good luck!
Our grandson Preston was so worried that we wouldn't get to have the egg hunt/war that he told Papa he nearly cried the day before. But luckily it stopped for most of the afternoon,and the kids were so excited when we started. We incorporated a few plastic eggs with surprises and money,but mostly we enjoyed whackin each other with confetti eggs.

The kids are the ones who absolutely love the hunt part more than anything.After it's over the boys still believe there must be more eggs to find.And sure enough this week after all this rain and all of these egg hunters we found quite a few plastic eggs still waiting to be found. We'll leave them and see if the boys find them on their next visit.
Most of us end up with a lot of eggshells and confetti in our.....well....hummm....our unmentionables I guess is the best way to say it.I always change into old clothes before we begin,because after all it is war!

I love this photo above. Jason is winded from running and Amy's Dad has a blue egg in his hand and is about to do a sneak attack,that sly fox. That never works for me.
Ok it's terrible photo of me,fuzzy hair and all,but check out the blue egg in the air.It misses me!
 Jason lets his Aunt have one free one and then it's war,even for the nubies

The best part of all of this wet weather was what was found during the afternoon family hike.This is only one bowl,we actually ended up with a lot more. Nearly two giant Tupperware bowl fulls. Gosh cooking and eating these sure did bring back memories of great times with my grandparents.
Thank goodness for the internet. No one could actually remember how to prepare them. Once we did, it was a fun activity that brought everyone together into the kitchen.Even the little ones loved them which was a surprise because they can be very picky eaters. Now everyone is looking forward to next years egg and mushroom/morel hunt.


  1. That looks like soooo much fun!! And the mushrooms!! YUMM. All the rain has definately helped them.

  2. Rebecca - looks like you had a marvelous time with the egg hunt. What fun!!! LOVE the third photo down. Here's to a great week - it's already shaping up that way...Tanya

  3. Hahaha- that looks like SO. MUCH. FUN!! Great pictures! :)


  4. It looks like you had an incredibly fun day, I wish I could've joined in! ;)

  5. Looks like a great, great time!! :) Maybe the smaller space was better, you couldn't avoid all of that good luck breaking over your head! :) (Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide! ;)

  6. Lots of fun and morels to round out the day! Perfect!

  7. reading your blog always makes me smile,
    it really is like reading a modern fairy tale book, WITH pictures! (even better!, who doesnt love picture books? ) haha

    i esp love the older woman in mid-jigg of The Backshaker to get rid of the confetti haha!

    & those mushrooms look so amazing, i wish california has open fields like that.

    P.S you make me miss blogging !