Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here's To Summer

         The world didn't come to an end, so now I have to get busy and finish my two orders hahaha! As I have said before and doggone it I'm saying it again....there's never enough time to do all that I need to do! Okay I'm sorry, but there are days when I feel like one of those guys we use to watch on the Ed Sullivan Show who would spin plates. Please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers this. I can still hear the music....a fast,crazy,almost blood pressure rising kind of tempo. You just knew a plate was going to crash any second!
I seem to get one plate back up and spinning and wouldn't you just know it, there are two more starting to wobble. Working full time,having an Etsy shop, and a blog can be a real balancing act some weeks.Throw in family time, and holidays and house work and before you know it, there's a floor full of broken to speak.

Believe me I am not complaining,in some ways I enjoy it. I am also very thankful for my Etsy shop, I'm just stating a fact of my life. I guess we all do a balancing act of some sort in our daily lives.I often wonder though how everyone else does it. Any secrets,or tips you might want to share with this blog newbie?

What keeps me sane right now is hoping this dreary,and sometimes violent rainy season we have been suffering through will end soon. This has been a crazy Spring season,and I know it has effected farmers which in turn will effect our food prices. I am usually not a hot weather person, but with all of this flooding and tornado's I am ready for Summer.

I think we all dream of lazy days under a shade tree sipping lemonade. With fingers crossed I hope to squeeze in a day here and there to do just that. As my Mom use to tell me "Take some time to enjoy your life, the chores will sit and wait for your return" And low and behold they always do!!

So on the subject of Lemonade or at least a subject in the citrus family.... I wanted to share a recipe I found yesterday on Face Book. It comes from a blog called The Lettered Cottage,and the recipe is Key Lime Cake.Oh my goodness does it look yummy! It just screams Summertime! I just have to make this cake for our Memorial weekend get-together.

Actually the whole blog is yummy. I spent so much time there looking around instead of sewing or folding laundry. I found so many beautiful photos and ideas,and even a magazine that they publish. I of course had to become a follower so that I can regularly see all of their ideas.The blog belongs to a darling little couple,Kev and Layla Palmer. It's an interior design blog and they call it their playground. I just love it and I bet you will too!
You can also become a fan of theirs on Face Book.......which is another area of my life I have so little time to enjoy....sigh.
I am always so happy when I am able to spend a little time and visit my blog friends.That time,as brief as it may be,can sure feel like I'm relaxing and sipping an ice cold glass of lemonade under a shade tree.
So here's my lemonade toast.......may we all enjoy long, peaceful summer days, and star twinkling warm summer nights,with many little visits in blogland along the way...CHEERS!


  1. That Key LIme Cake recipe sure looks good....I am gonna try as well. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Looks like your business is doing great, congrats! Thank you for your comment on my previous post. I'm feeling better now and am back to blog but will do it slow this time. Appreciate your concern.
    uh, i like your header pic again!

  3. We've had that dreary, gloomy, wet kind of weather for a week now... I love rain, but it was still nice to have a hot summery day today! I <3 summer!