Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An Young Artist To Remember

         A couple of months ago I found a wonderful artist on Etsy.I do realize that isn't a difficult job considering all of the incredible talent out there. But this artist's work was different from many of the others. I found him because he had posted a question on an Etsy team page, asking for advice. I was instantly intrigued and decided to check out his shop.
His shop is called pattebery and the artist's name is Preston Attebery,and the best part is he's only 15. On my first visit to his shop I fell in love with one his drawings in particular.This drawing of a butterfly instantly captured my attention. I just knew it would look great at our weekend cabin. I sent him a message and told him I would like to feature him on my blog,and would he mind. He was excited and after several conversations about his work he sent me some information about himself and his art.
A free gift card that was sent with my order.An original piece of his work

He told me to tell in his bio that he lives in Atlanta and is in high school. He says he sketches when God inspires him with an idea. He goes on to say, that most of his Saturday's are filled with following his passion of sketching.

I was absolutely thrilled when I received my order. In the package he included a free note card which was just beautiful,and a charming informational paper all about himself and his shop. The professional attention to detail is where he sets himself apart from other artists I've seen.
A bio paper about himself he included with my order

I was so impressed with his business card

Most of his work is done using felt tip markers, pencils,and pastels.I love the stark contrast of the black of the edges of the butterfly with the softness of the flower.
Preston also one day hopes to open his own brick and mortar shop as he puts it. He really wants to be able to combine a coffee shop with an art gallery. A relaxing artistic atmosphere,where people can come and visit with friends. Enjoy a cup of coffee while surrounded with art,like pastries for your eyes....and lo-cal too.
I have no doubt that he will achieve this and more one day.

This motorcycle sketch is one of his favorites, as well as mine. I love the angles and how he does the sketch in a rather zoomed in and up close view of the subject. Today I found in his shop another example of his amazing talent with this sketch of a baseball. Using everyday, ordinary items and turning them into a fine piece of art, reminds me of an Andy Warhol piece of art.

 I love to see a young person who has a entrepreneurial spirit. At age 15 to have the courage to open an online shop,put himself out there,and sell his work.Now that's a person not only with artistic talent but a strong business sense. I truly believe that Preston Attebery is an artist to keep an eye on. I think he has a great future ahead of him in the business of art! I certainly look forward to seeing what the future holds for him.


  1. LOVE this post - I have a daughter that is an incredible artist...when she was in high school, and winning all sorts of awards on a national level, I had an art gallery tell me to never reveal her age, because it was a deterrent for collectors - SOOOOOO ridiculous! Thanks for taking a chance on a budding artist - will check out his site!

  2. Cool! Another Etsy teen! :) And I love art, even better. :) I'm off to check out his shop!

    Taylor Lynn <3

  3. I agree with you he is wonderful

    i love that baseball , that would be so great in a poster size to hang in my kitchen

  4. A truly remarkable young artist! To have artist talent and business sense is a winning combination! I'll be visiting his Etsy shop!