Friday, May 13, 2011

A Good Time For A Good Cause

Now this is how you support your sister!
 This years Triumph Gala was a great success and a great time!  Considering today's economy I believe makes this year success even greater. It was mentioned that ticket sales were down this year. I hope it wasn't by a lot. It didn't look like it was,but I do know when the economy is down charities suffer the most. Guests arrived in their finest. Everyone was ready to have fun and spend some money.

This year they were able to gather some fun and unusual donations for the silent auction. Everyone enjoys that part of the event. I know getting donations is becoming a huge challenge every year. Many businesses are feeling the pinch and these dang gone fuel prices aren't helping at all.

While some companies didn't respond at all to their request,some were more than generous with their donations.One donation in particular was very much appreciated and admired by everyone.

Tanya from Bead and Needle sent me the mostly beautiful Swarovski crystal heart necklace. I fell in love with the one she was so kind to send to a young girl who had suffered a house fire and had lost everything but her prom gown.

This little gal was speechless when we took it to her.I told her the only cost for this gift was to pass the kindness and generosity forward. She said she would,and I know she really meant it.

Tanya was so kind and thoughtful to send a donation of one in white and pink Swarovski crystals for our silent auction. There are 73 crystals in all in each necklace. These photos do not do them justice they are absolutely beautiful and they sparkle...which is my main passion!I must say it went for about 3 times what she sells them for........awesome! I spoke to the lady who won the bid and she was thrilled! Thank You so much Tanya!!
Please go and visit her blog and her Etsy shop. She is a very talented and generous lady. Though we've never met I am glad to say we have become friends through our blogs.

The music was great! The food was delish!And the quieter jazz room with chocolate dessert bar was worth putting my Spanx to the ultimate stretch test!

But the very best part was being with family and friends and knowing that so many people will benefit from this evening of that's worth partying for!

On another topic, a totally unrelated topic. If you read my last post about our traditional Derby bet,then you will understand why we did indeed stop over to rub our oldest grandson's head( I guess he's our lucky charm). I told my husband I really thought the name Animal Kingdom was my choice because of our family trip to Disney World. He said he really like Nehro and that he would bet at least 2.00 on him.

The sad and depressing news is we didn't make it to the track to actually place the bet. Had we Animal Kingdom would have paid 64.40 for a 2.00 bet. So I am now crying as I write this because had we bet them both in an exacta it would have paid out 327.00 on a 2.00 bet! We now have a perfect "The one that got away story"!And boy did it ever!!


  1. What a beautiful bunch of ladies, together for SUCH a great cause! I am glad you guys did so well with the Gala - I know you worked hard on pulling it all together...I have meant to get ahold of you the last few days, and here you are, posting. Hooray - and I can top your Exacta story. Last year, I gave my husband a list of horses and my money to go up to the local casino and place a bet for me. He was late in getting back from work that day (he had run into the office), so he just poo-pooed my bet and came on home to watch the Derby. I had given him $40.00.

    Turns out I picked the Trifecta! Well, on MY paper I did...they don't pay you unless you actually PLACE the bet, dear husband! Nuff' said. :-)

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend, Rebecca...if there are EVER any problems with those necklaces, you let me know - and I am serious!!!!! Tanya

  2. It would appear that you had a great time! And that heart necklace looks lovely... I'll definitely peek at Tanya's blog! <3

  3. So happy the event went well...looks like everyone was having a good time and obviously were very generous! So sorry you didn't get to place your bet...oh that would be upsetting!