Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Sloppy Soggy Easter

 Today has been an interesting Easter Eve. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who had tons to do to get ready for family to arrive tomorrow. I thought to myself if I have to go to the store one more time I just might cry. So I asked my daughter in law to pick up the few things I forgot,again. Since Tuesday we have had very few dry days. Tuesday night we had several tornados hit not far from where we live and work. That was certainly a sleepless night for most of us.
So running errand and shopping has been a real challenge for everyone around here. The rain today was absolutely torrential. We flood here often in the spring so no one is shocked that the Ohio River is 27ft above flood stage. We all had hoped it would move quickly and leave us by Easter.
I could actually hear the creek from the deck today. Boy was it was roaring,the current was incredibly strong. It didn't take long before all of our sink holes were over flowing and creating new creeks all over our back property. Our little Hopewell Creek became a mighty river today.
The fun part will be after it all recedes and we can go and search for brand new treasures that will be left behind.
As I stood there thinking about how all of our outdoor plans will be ruined,like our annual confetti egg hunt. As I stood there I began to remember what Easter is all about and the suffering that Jesus went through for us.The incredible sacrifice he made for all of us.Our plans seemed so small and trivial in comparison.
So a rainy day is just fine. Any day that we can come together as families,rain or shine is a good day!
The mighty Hopewell Creek


                                  Have a wonderful Easter. He has risen!



  1. Happy Easter! It seems like you've been having some fierce weather... but that's neat that you can hear the creek from your deck. I bet it sounds wonderful! <3 Rushing water usually does. :)

  2. Happy Easter!! I'm glad none of the tornadoes hit you! <3

  3. Sometimes we need to shift our perspective, looks like you managed that just fine! And who says you can't do an egg hunt in the rain? You'll be talking about it for years to come! Happy Easter! :) (Glad those tornadoes missed you!)

  4. Happy Easter Rebecca!! Hope you enjoyed your day with your family!

  5. Rain; amazing- we are suffering drought! Our holiday was dry and windy, but so blessed when spent with family.

  6. Happy Easter Rebecca to you and your family!

  7. Hope your family gathering was wonderful! Love your header photo! Prayers for safety from the flooding and tornados!